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    How hard is the final exam for COMP1917?

    So i'm really struggling with COMP1917. I finished my task1 and 2 but I have no clue whatsoever with my project. So i'm not sure whether i'll be able to pass my final. Can anyone whom did COMP1917 tell me how hard it is compare to lab task, task1,2 and the project? Thank you
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    Physics1a or Higher Physics1a?

    I'm doing Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) and i'm thinking choosing a physics course next semester. Can anyone list the pros and cons of doing physics and higher physics? How harder is higher physics? Is higher physics worth doing considering that i'm doing math?
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    Wtf is wrong with MATH1081

    So since my lecturer told me that I can still change my tutes, I decided to change it so I wouldn't have another 3 hours gap on Wed. But apparently one of my course (MATH1081 Discrete Mathematics) doesn't show its lecture class options for me to choose so it's currently "pending". I have already...
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    UNSW Science (Advanced Mathematics) Majors: Applied Mathematics vs Advanced Science

    Which one do you guys think have a better career options (in terms of number of options, stress and money ofc)? Currently i'm leaning a bit toward Applied Mathematics mainly because (correct me if i'm wrong) statistics's career options seems to alway revolve around business, commerce, survey...
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    Letter of Offer?

    So they sent me an Offer summary and Offer of Admission on UAC, and a bunch of random stuff (usb, free hat, UNSW guide etc.) in my mailbox, do i have to wait for the Letter of Offer? Cause i need a UNSW ID to sign in myUNSW to accept my offer and it's SUPPOSED to be in that letter.
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    Got my offer early, u jelly brah?
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    International Conditional and Unconditional Offers?

    So what are they? and why is the first offer round so god damn early?
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    Previous year cutoff

    Anyone has the ATAR Cutoff Main Round Offers {insert previous years) admission? the one i found from google doesn't seems to be very reliable.
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    UNSW HSC Plus program

    Is it automatic? Do i have to manually apply for it? From what i read on their website, i don't have to, just asking to be sure about it.
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    Cutoff and the Offer Rounds

    What are the chances that the cutoff for UNSW Advanced Science (Mathematics) will be changed during the Offer Rounds? i Got exactly 95.4 so there's still another month of waiting for the result :( So base on previous years, what are the chances that it will happen?
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    ATAR estimate plsss!!!!

    So i have estimated my final HSC marks i'm getting next week plss tell me what you guys think i'm getting ESL: 85-90% MathExt1:90-95% MathExt2:85-90 Biology:85% Physics:85% Chemistry:80-85% i put these into the ATAR calculator and got around 96.7 which is good for my self-esteem at the moment...
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    How does transfering course work?

    Hi, I'm applying for UNSW B Science (Advanced Mathematics) and its ATAR cutoff is 95.4 I'm aware that there's a possibility that i may not meet the ATAR requirement so I'm considering carefully my 2nd and 3rd preference. So can anyone tell me how does transfer work? Do I have to choose a...
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    Differences between UNSW Science (Advanced Science) and Science (Advanced Mathematics

    So is there anyone that done it and know the differences? My bro said they're the same. But why do they have different atar requirement (95 and 95.4). I'm asking this just in case i barely don't make it for advanced math
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    ATAR calculator

    In those ATAR calculator, when they ask for the HSC marks, do they mean the final HSC marks sent by the board of studies 1 day before the actual ATAR or the external? I'm pretty confused
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    SAM's accuracy?

    apparently mid band 5 for all subjects get you an ATAR of 97 :^ It got me excited for a second there
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    Atar Estimate Plssssssssss!!!!

    Hi, i'm applying for advanced math in UNSW so i'm aiming for a 95.4 is this possible with these marks? (internal rank)/(estimation of external raw marks) ESL: 4/10 (top 4 are very close and there's a huge gap to the 5th) and 90/100 Math Ext1: 2/17 (1% lower than the 1st) and 72/84 Math Ext2...
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    Internal Rank and External Mark?

    Hi, I have a question. I came 4th in my ESL class, and i reckon i can get at least a 90 for my external. However, the one who came 3rd didn't do very well in the external (he said he can only get around 70). Does that mean i'll get the 4th lowest mark of the external for my internal marks since...
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    Estimate ATAR for a friend please!!!!

    Rank - (trial marks) English Advanced -20/40 (60%) Physics - 1/25 (93%) Chemistry - 1/24 (92%) Math Ext 1 - 3/17 (76%) Math Ex 2 - 1/8 (45% he screwed this one up so he tied with another and i'm right behind him so the rank doesn't matter that much) School Rank around 200 Thanks
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    International students ATAR cutoff

    Hi I heard that the cutoff of most of the courses in UNI are lower for international students, like Advanced Math in Usyd is 98.4 for domestic student but it's only 92 for international students. Is that true? can someone give me a link or advice on how it actually works? Thank you very much!!!
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    Please estimate my ATAR!!!!

    rank and (trial marks) ESL- 4/10 (88%) Math Ext 1 - 2/17 (91%) Math Ext 2 - 3/8 (54% before scaled ofc) Biology - 8/31 (82%) Chemistry - 9/24 (74%) Physics - 6/25 (72% i reckon i can get at least 82% for my hsc, i screwed my physics trial) My school rank is around 200 Thank you guys!!!!!