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  1. highshill


    I really want to get into medcine but the problem is that i dont know the steps you have to take to become a doctor/surgeon (university couses), i have tried googling it up but got more confused and i even asked my teachers at my school but they had no idea either can someone gove me a step to...
  2. highshill

    English listening task

    We have an English lisenting task in which have to answer short answers 20 minutes (6 marks) based on the listening stimulus and write an essay in 40 minutes on the listening stimulus (2 listening stimulus) and a related text and my prescribed text (9 marks but will be marked out of 15 and...
  3. highshill

    Ancient history 2017 past paper answers

    Looking for past paper answers especially for 2017
  4. highshill

    Enabling GIFs for a friend

    I have a friend who is a BoS user and she wants to add a gif in her signature, but her features say that she disabled to add GIFs in her signature, and she is asking me for help and I have no clue on how to help her, either can anyone help me out here. :lol:
  5. highshill

    how do you sketch f"(x) from f'(x)

    ^ ^
  6. highshill

    For those who finished the 2017 HSC...

    What did you guys do after your final HSC exam finished (sleep,watch tv all day etc) Just curious:)
  7. highshill

    Speech tips

    I have to do a speech on Robert H Goddard for physics,but what should i do in the speech so i can get full marks. how on earth do you do a speech for physics. But whats really creepy is that our physics class only has 2 students so technically i am just giving my speech to two people...
  8. highshill

    Goddard's influence on space

    Hi, I am doing Robert Goddard as part of an assignment for physics and one of the question says his influence in space exploration so far this is what ive got: 1- Influenced Von Braun's design on the Saturn V which sent humans to the moon 2- His idea of liquid fuel was incorporated, into...
  9. highshill

    Are there any Good physics questions practice books

    Hi, everybody I know there are great textbooks like jacaranda etc but are there any physics books that are solely full of practice questions (like maths books) for instance, I really hope these types of book exists.
  10. highshill

    Terrible school

    I go to private school, and I hate it because of some reasons which I cannot mention unfortunately in this thread. I know being in year 12 I only have one year left. but that school makes me depressed and I can't wait to get out of there. On the first day back to school they forced me into...
  11. highshill

    study schedule question

    Hi everyone, hear 12 just started today but I have a question, Many people have advised me to do three subjects a day and then rotate the subjects each day, rather than studying 5 subjects each day. But how should I do it. should it be like English advanced and mathematics compulsory each day...
  12. highshill

    acceleration due to gravity question

    I have stuck on a physics question for the past few days it something like this: A astronaut is on the moon. Given that the astronauts weight on the moon is 1/8 of her weight on Earth, find the acceleration due to gravity on the moon. Confused with this question need help :read:
  13. highshill

    Stuck on a series question

    A pump removes one-half of the water remaining in a tank in 10 minutes. What fraction of the original amount of water will be left in the tank after one hour -How do i solve this Thanks
  14. highshill

    AOS: Discovery: A short History of Nearly everything

    We have started our prescribed text " A short history of nearly everything" for discovery and I am a little confused on the discovery concepts it (the book) explores ( for instance spiritual discovery). I know it explores scientific discovery, but I want more discovery concepts when I am...
  15. highshill

    EXAM question for PAST paper

    https://thsconline.github.io/s/?view=6518&id=0ByEFYhkkDQBKbC03bkVEZnhjWWs&n=Sydney Grammar 2015 w. sol I don't get question 23 (c) I did Snell's Law: sintheta2/sintheta1= n1/n2 sinr/sin30=1.00/1.5 1.00x1.2xsin30 sin[inverse](0.3333333....)= 19 degrees and 28 minutes but the answers something...
  16. highshill

    Stuck on quadratic function past paper question

    Hi, as the title suggests I am stuck on these two quadratic function question: The quadratic function is 3x^2-5x+2 Solve a) 2alpha+3beta b) alpha^2beta^2 Thanks
  17. highshill

    Past paper question's answer missing

    Hi, I was doing a past paper and when I was checking I found out that the answers beyond question 25 and the multiple choice were missing: https://thsconline.github.io/s/?view=1818&id=0ByEFYhkkDQBKZkpEVDJBemp0bFU&n=Strathfield%20Girls%202012%20w.%20sol
  18. highshill

    What is form

    I have Yearlies going on at the moment but my teacher always is telling me to do form and to do four quotes with analysis while elaborating six concept, but how do I incorporate the form in what do you do?
  19. highshill

    Trig past papers

    Hi, so far I have doing lots of past papers on maths and have released that not many of the papers are on trigonometry, like for e.g trig identities trig equations does any one have links to past papers that have trig in it, I have tried googling it up but not results so far. Thanks
  20. highshill

    Past paper question

    https://thsconline.github.io/s/?view=1818&id=0ByEFYhkkDQBKdFVOOFptQ0NGckE&n=James%20Ruse%202010%20w.%20sol Out of the past paper the only question I don't get is question 17 (a) Can someone help.