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  1. jamesfirst

    internal program transfer date passed

    I do engineering but interested in media. internal program transfer date passed so I can no longer change to media. But what if I did the subjects that are from media and complete those subjects while still in engineering program. Will I be able to technically move onto a second year of...
  2. jamesfirst

    Engineering/Arts - Can't do media production ??

    It seems like only "Media, Culture and Technology" can be combined with engineering... is media production not possible to be combined ? or sound and screen **
  3. jamesfirst

    How do you sell books (on that board thingo)??

    On that noticeboard near the Arc store, students put what books they're selling. How do you list your books up there ?? Also, can I sell my breadboard there also ? lol
  4. jamesfirst

    UNSW version of Gangnam Style

    http://youtu.be/FmpQFr-ioWg <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/FmpQFr-ioWg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. jamesfirst

    Anyone want to buy ENGG1811 textbook ??

    <tbody> Computing for Engineers 2nd Edition I didnt use it this semester. I'll sell it for $50 </tbody>
  6. jamesfirst

    how do you sell math course notes ?

    how ???...
  7. jamesfirst

    cant see my exam mark for eng1811...

    I cant see my mid-sem exam mark from the CSE site ://... I clicked view marks, logged in, click view my marks... but I don't see anything related to the exam.
  8. jamesfirst

    will phy1131 lab content be in the final exam ?

    curious~ will it??? or will there be a separate exam for phy1131 lab.
  9. jamesfirst

    Difference between Casion FX-82ES and FX-82AU ??

    What's the difference??? I lost my calculator and I have to buy a new one and ES is cheaper. I go to UNSW so I don't know which calculators are forbidden. what's the difference between these two calculators ?
  10. jamesfirst

    PHY1131 no tutorials... unfair

    I honestly find Physics to be the hardest subject I'm doing now... HSC physics was pretty easy but now it's no fun and games. The lecturer is going too fast with the explanation and I don't even know what I'm looking at the lecture slides... I can barely do the homework sets without looking at...
  11. jamesfirst

    how do you check your results in Maple? (MATH1131)

    I did 3 quizzes today (introductory, how maple works and calculus first set).. I click grade and saw my result but couldn't see my results when I closed the window... which means I could reattempt the same quiz over and over again (which I did for calculus and got 100% on the second attempt..)...
  12. jamesfirst

    PHY1121-> PHY1131. Didn't attend any lectures.

    What do I do for Lab when I didn't attend any lectures for phy1131? This is because I changed my timetable yesterday and swapped to phy1131... Did phy1121 and phy1131 students learn the same thing?
  13. jamesfirst

    Is it true that I can't choose some engineering courses if I dont do PHY1131 ?

    I am doing flexible first year and PHY1121 this year. But I heard that some courses such as Photovoltaic or Electrical can't be chosen in the second year if I haven't studied PHY1131... is this true??? what is the point of flexible first year then ==;;;
  14. jamesfirst

    Havent done 4 unit and am really struggling with math1131

    We havent even learned anything and Im already finding the subject difficult.... I didnt do 4 unit and the lecturer was rushing complex numbers and I didnt get anything he said... gawd im panicking. Is there an easier math than math1131 ==;;
  15. jamesfirst

    Who do I tell that I have a citizenship ceremony booked ???

    Okay, I know I ask a lot of this... but I just want to tell whoever I need to tell that I have got a booking for my citizenship ceremony... but I have no idea who to tell it to... where do I go ?
  16. jamesfirst

    Who is selling these?

    Math 1131 - MATH1131 / MATH1141 - MATHS 1A & HIGHER MATHS Math 1131 - MATHS FIRST YEAR COMPUTING NOTES Math 1131 - Calculus One & Several Variables + WileyPLUS 10ED Phy1121 - PHYS1121 / PHYS1131 - PHYSICS 1A / HIGHER PHYSICS 1A Phy1121 - Physics for Scientists & Engineers 8ed + Writing...
  17. jamesfirst

    First day of Uni

    How do you prepare yourself?? I have a laboratory as my first class... What do I need to bring for: Lab Tutes Lectures ?? Also, do I just go into the designated room and get straight into the work ?
  18. jamesfirst

    Do I actually have to know a lot of Ext 1 math or Physics for Engineering ??

    Course: Flexible first year engineering Subjects: ENG1000, ENG1181, MATH1131, PHY1121 After 4 months from HSC, I forgot almost everything in Physics or Ext 1 math.... I can remember which topics we did but I hardly remember the contents in those topics D: Am I gonna die ==;
  19. jamesfirst

    are the buses free on o week ???

    are they ?
  20. jamesfirst

    Are you guys buying a yearly ticket ???

    Mytrain vs Mymulti ??? they are pretty damn expensive ://... are we allowed to buy child if we have the concession card provided by the uni ?