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    Distinguished Achievers List 2016 (with sortable Excel File)

    Hi guys! For your ease I've ripped the BOSTES Distinguished Achievers List 2016 into a web page https://www.dropbox.com/s/43m65awg8h0vf7s/combinehsc.html?dl=0 And the sortable excel file https://www.dropbox.com/s/950j8peziw9jd3z/convertcsv.xlsx?dl=0
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    Cheap Prelim/HSC Mathematics Tutor (2u/3u/4u) - inner west/south west region

    Hey everyone! I'm currently a second year student at UNSW studying Computer Science/Commerce. I'm offering tutoring for both Preliminary and HSC math from 2 unit to 4 unit. My Marks Year 10 SC Mark: 96/100 Prelim Mathematics: 98/100 HSC Mathematics Extension 1: 95/100 HSC Mathematics...
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    Pretty simple Q tbh

    By definition, isn't an inverse function: f^{-1}(f(x))=x So sin inverse of sin 1=1 and sin inverse of sin 1.5=1.5 BUT, sin inverse of sin 2=pi-2 and sin inverse of sin3=pi-3 And even to the extent that: sin inverse of sin 100=100-32pi. Noting that everything is in radians. Can someone...
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    3u Trial Question :/

    There was solutions for 1st part but not the 2nd. Question: 10 people arrive at a restaurant. There are two circular tables. 6 people sit at one table and 4 in another. i) How many different seating arrangements are possible using these tables? ii) Assuming arrangement is random, what is the...
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    Circles touching internally?

    I have no idea what it means, but basically the question had two centers and radius's for two circles and told you to justify that the two circles touch internally but when you draw it, one circle is inside the other and then the next part of the questions says to find the point of contact?!
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    Couchman and jones and Fitzpatrick. 3 unit maths books. URGENT!

    Urgently need couchman and jones book 2 and/or J.B. Fitzpatrick maths book 2. If anyone has these books can you please tell me? All i need is around 3 scanned pages or a few questions from each. Fitzpatrick, Calculus, Exercise 29.D, 10 questions. Fitzpatrick, Miscellaneous, Exercise...