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  1. tyzzefloro

    Opinions on continuing Commerce/Arts or transferring into straight Commerce Degree

    Im currently studying Commerce/ Arts (first year) and recently have an option to transfer into straight commerce. My majors would either be Human Resource Management and Theatre and Performance studies. OR If i changed my program to straight commerce it would be Human Resource...
  2. tyzzefloro

    Uts law/ business or unsw commerce/ arts??

    It is finally crunch time and i pretty much have a few days to decide. Commerce/ Arts UNSW with a 5k Scholarship OR Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Laws at UTS. So stuck. halp D: thoughts??
  3. tyzzefloro

    Ancient History HSC Exam Marks

    Ancient History HSC Marks. OMG MY HANDWRITING WAS HORRID. Raw examination Mark: 90 Aligned Mark: 94
  4. tyzzefloro

    Commerce/ arts or commerce/ media (pr and advertising)???

    Its decision day tomorrow and idk which combination to choose halp! I like history but I'd like to try something new as well. Blerggghhhhh helllpp. Also im hoping to transfer into law next year as well but what do I choose?!?
  5. tyzzefloro

    University + Course Opinions UNSW UTS

    Hi everyone! I know i don't have to make a decision yet but I like to think ahead. Its a good problem. My first preference is LAW at UNSW However i didn't make the cut and I'm hoping EAS pulls me through. If it doesn't which is highly likely what should i do? Should i go to UTS because I have...
  6. tyzzefloro

    Macquarie comm/law or UTS business/law??

    Which one should i choose??? I live in a suburb near Penrith. Only a few minutes difference in commute.
  7. tyzzefloro

    Macquarie comm/law or UTS business/law

    Which one should i choose??? I live in a suburb near Penrith. Only a few minutes difference in commute.
  8. tyzzefloro

    ATAR estimate please

    School rank top: 30 1/11 drama 7/21 ancient history 50/149 english adv 5/45 modern history 5/57 religion 1 unit 8/16 extension history (best class head teacher has ever had) 20/28 eng ext 2013 band 6s Drama - 4 band 6s Ancient - 11 band 6s Eng adv - 41 band 6s Modern - 11 band...