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  1. kawaiipotato

    Coordinate covalent bond

    https://9eeba4054ee764a743f35bb25b5f907e66151207.googledrive.com/host/0ByEFYhkkDQBKUmxzb0Q4MEswQ3c/Year%2012%20-%20HSC/Chemistry/Past%20Trials/Sydney%20Grammar/Sydney%20Grammar%202004%20Chemistry%20Trials%20&%20Solutions.pdf On page 42/57 of this PDF, question(ii) notes say not to use O3 as...
  2. kawaiipotato


    Can someone read my messy writing and see why my method didn't work? I understand what they did -- The question is for q5 (d) from: http://4unitmaths.com/2001moriah.pdf Here are the solutions...
  3. kawaiipotato

    Diagrams for the Solvay Process and Contact Process

    Do we need to memorise both diagrams?
  4. kawaiipotato

    Jrahs q9

    community.boredofstudies.org/attachments/13/mathematics-extension-1/30632d1404894953-ruse-2013-trial-solutions-2013-jrah-extn1-trial.pdf Q9 Firstly, I use 2pi*r = circumference = 9y Gives me r = 9y/2pi Then Constructing a chord to complete the triangle, I then construct the radius from the...
  5. kawaiipotato

    2001 cutoffs

    Would anyone who's done it or experienced the paper have an idea of what the cutoff for e4 and/or state rank is? Thanks
  6. kawaiipotato

    an object's colour dependent on its absorbtion

    If an object has almost 100% absorption within the red light wavelength range, and 0% within the green light wavelength range, would we predict the object to have a red colour or a green colour?
  7. kawaiipotato

    atar estimates please

    this is post-trials school rank 300-400 last year overall ranks: Person 1: English advanced: 20/69 Math Ext 1: 5/30 Math Ext 2: 4/12 Economics 2/21 Physics 6/48 Person 2: English advanced: 27/69 Math Ext 1: 4/30 Math Ext 2: 2/12 Chemistry: 1/35 Physics: 2/48
  8. kawaiipotato

    Atar Estimate please

    School rank: Around 300 to 400 English Advanced: 26/71 Maths 3u: 4/31 Maths 4u: 2/11 Chemistry: 2/37 Physics: 5/49