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    Does it offer a REAL Uni Experience?

    Hi everyone, I've been looking at different universities and what they offer as I intend on pursuing further study next year. I've recently become interested in UTS, specifically a combined law degree. But I was wondering if UTS has that campus feel like other universities and whether it will...
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    Is law a reasonable pathway to medicine?

    Hi everyone, I am a current Year 12 student undertaking the HSC this year and would like to medicine. However, at the moment my marks do not look great enough. I really want to keep my options open with the intentions of eventually pursuing a degree in Medicine. Recently, it has crossed my...
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    Pathway Suggestions

    Hi everyone, I'm currently sitting the HSC this year and am keen on getting into medicine as an undergraduate. However, I'm not too sure if I can make it in directly due to not meeting the cut-offs and so I was looking into other degrees as a back-up. So I was wondering if anybody thinks...
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    English HSC Study?

    Hey everyone, I'm doing Advanced English in the HSC this year and want to get a band 6. But I was wondering what I can do apart from the work from school. Like practice essays, creatives and so on. Essentially, I want to improve my english skills. Thanks in advance guys! :)
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    Umat 2016

    Hey everyone, I have tried looking for threads like these, but had no luck. So i was wondering if anyone had any UMAT Resorces they wouldn't mind sharing :). Also, does anyone recommend any specific books/packages that can assist with UMAT by offering lots of questions and techniques...
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    Private Maths Tutor Needed! Anyone!

    Hey everyone, I am currently in year 11 and am looking for a private tutor (one on one) in 3 Unit Maths. It would be appreciated if anyone can suggest their services or suggest anyone that is a renowned tutor on BOS. I'm in the Hurstille area, but am willing to travel to other areas if...
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    How Did You Keep Organised?

    Hey guys, Pretty much as the name suggests I was wondering how you all kept your school books and notes organised. I'm saying this cause Im starting prelims and was wondering what would be the most effective way of doing so. My books and notes are usually just a mess and will probably get...
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    Which subjects?

    Hey guys, Alright my little bro has subject selections coming up. My parents are really asking me, but I've never really had experience with the subjects he wants to choose. I did the humanities, but he's more of a sciency guy( like many out there). So, the subjects he plans on carrying...
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    Physics with extension 2?

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering is it really a lot easier to do Physics with Extension 2 Maths as they overlap, or is it still alright to do Biology with Extension 2 Maths? I'm really confused. Or should i just do the three science with extension 2 Maths with Advanced English? Thanks...
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    Asian five or a humanity?

    Hey guys, As the name suggests I currently do: (Asian Five) Kinda Chemistry Biology Physics Extension 1 Maths Advanced English IPT (Picking up Extension 2 instead) Or should I have done AT LEAST ONE Humanity (Like Economics) instead this year: Chemistry Biology Economics...
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    Is 10 Units Too Risky?

    Hey everyone, I'm starting to doubt whether my decision to choose 10 units for the Hsc was a wise one. Do you all think that 10 units is to risky and you should stick with 12 units or more (considering I did 4unit Maths)? Thanks.:)
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    Is it too late?

    Hey everyone, I'm going to begin year 10 this year and just realized that you could accelerate a Preliminary subject in year 10. I don't know if my school accepts it, but if they do, how does it work (does it like replace an elective subject)? Also I was wondering if it is too late if i am...
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    11 units hsc?

    Hey everyone, A friend of mine is doing 11 units in his Hsc. But I didnot ask how it works? Would they only calculate half the last subject ir unit? Thanks in advance guys.:)
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    Physics, chemistry and biology together.

    Hey everyone, Just wanyed to know if anyone has done Chemistry, Biology and Physics together in the HSC? Is it too much of a workload and is it worth it? Because I was wondering if it would be too much to do in terms of workload? Keen to see what everyone thinks.
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    Everyone's opinion out of curiosity?

    Hey everyone, We all know that there are a lot of diffe re ent university courses, But which one do you all think is the most competitive and the hardest to get into? Thanks in advance and looking forward to everyone's opinions.:bomb:
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    10 units vs 12 units.

    Hey everyone, I've heard debates on whether to do 10 units for the HSC or 12 units. How many units did you do or currently still do? Why? Thanks in advance. :haha:
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    Business Studies Vs Economics

    Hey everyone, I chose Business Studies for year 11 but am still reconsidering as I still can before the year starts. So what I'm asking is would you do Busiess Studies OR Economics based on content and Personal Opinion. :argue: Thanks :)
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    Subject selection advice needed.

    Hey everyone, I prefer Biology over Physics but was wondering would you do Biology in the HSC with 4 Unit Maths (Extension 2), considering I'm just above average at Maths. I say so as I heard that some of the work in 4 Unit Maths (Extension 2) is related to Physics. Thanks everyone, really...
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    Need some tips please.

    Hey everyone, I'm currently in Year 10 and got my report realizing my English mark really sucks compared to the rest of my subjects. I know a lot of people may ask this question but: How do I improve my English Skilss ( like writing, vocabulary and comprehension ) All answers are...
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    Advice On Year 10 Subjects Please.

    Hey everyone on Bored Of Studies, I currently attend a Non-Selective High School and am in Year 9. I was wondering what requirements are needed to complete a preliminary subject in YEAR 10. Also what subjects are good (easier) to be accelerated in if it is possible? Thanks In Advanced. :smile: