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  1. atm1991

    Textbooks for Sale (All must go!)

    Hi All, Please see below all the textbooks I am selling. I am a graduating 3rd year and am keen to get rid of everything. *25565: Fundamentals of Mathematical Economics – $90 *25566: Economics for Business 2 – $100...
  2. atm1991

    UTS Bachelor of Accounting 2012

    The time of year has arrived again where UTS takes applications to BAcc for 2012. Current Year 12 students with any questions, feel free to post here and hopefully a few current BAcc's will find their way here and respond to you. In addition, we have also started a Facebook page: UTS Bachelor...
  3. atm1991

    Join the new UTS Business Society!

    Hi All, A bunch of really enthusiastic 3rd year Bachelor of Accounting students at UTS have established the UTS Business Society! It is affiliated with the university directly and has already established corporate partnerships with the likes of the ICAA and KPMG. The society will be operating...
  4. atm1991

    UTS Bachelor of Accounting 2011

    Please see the new 2012 thread for information and discussion related to this year's application and selection process!
  5. atm1991

    Does anyone else start uni tomorrow?

    ^^ I do :)
  6. atm1991

    Backpack or satchel/manbag for uni

    Hey, Just wanted to see what peoples opinions were on what to take to uni. I have a black leather satchel that I got for my 18th off a relative (I only just found out that's what its called, I used to just called it a manbag haha). But I'm tossing up whether to go with this or just a...
  7. atm1991

    Software Needed for Business Subjects at UTS

    Hey, just a quick question regarding the software we require. I have a MacBook Pro with iWork 09. Given however that several subject outlines have referred to Excel, I am wondering if I will need to purchase Office 2008 for Mac in addition to iWork 09 for spreadsheet work? Thanks!
  8. atm1991

    UTS BAcc or UNSW Economics

    Ok I got my ATAR this morning, 91.95. I just got a call from UTS confirming I am being offered a place in BAcc. I had thought before I received my ATAR that it would not be near high enough to get BAcc, so instead decide to focus on making UNSW Economics. I was set upon that until I got the...
  9. atm1991

    How hard is it to get 70 in 2U Mathematics?

    Hey all, Quick question, as the thread title says, how hard is it to get 70 in 2U Mathematics. I'm ranked 17/23 in a school ranked in 400's. Is 70 achievable?
  10. atm1991

    Effects of Core Unit Restructuring on BEc/BCom

    Hey, Given that UNSW are changing the core units of both their BEc and BCom next year, do you think this will have any substantial impacts on the ATAR requirements? Previously, many people who didn't get the UAI for BCom would simply do BEco and attempt to transfer after first year. However...
  11. atm1991

    Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance @ UTS

    Hey all, Is the level of maths in Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance @ UTS far beyond that in a finance major (in terms of difficulty and value to an employer) at say UNSW or MACQ? From what I have been told, the level of maths in UTS BBus is fairly minimal in first year at least, compared to...
  12. atm1991

    Level of Maths Required To Do Well in Finance and/or Financial Economics

    Hey all, Just a few quick questions on the B Commerce and/or B Economics programs at UNSW. 1. Would 2U Maths be enough for me to handle the maths in either a finance or financial economics major? 2. Is the UNSW B Economics held in the same esteem as B Commerce by employers? I'm talking...
  13. atm1991

    Investment Banking - any advice?

    I've been reading up about different career paths available upon completion of a Commerce/Business degree. Investment Banking seems to be a well regarded career option in terms of salary, opportunity to advance to higher managerial positions within companies and chances to network with high...
  14. atm1991

    ANU For Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Economics

    Please comment on ANU's combined commerce and economics degree program. How well recognised are both degrees compared to say those offered at UNSW, USYD, Macquarie, UTS etc. How difficult is economics at university? Does the level of maths required exceed HSC 2u in difficulty? Specifically...
  15. atm1991

    Year 12 Student - Questions Regarding BComm/BEcos with an Accounting Major

    Hey, I'm doing my HSC this year and hope to major in accounting in a BBus/BComm/BEcos next year. Just wondering if you had any advice on the following things: 1. What do you think of UNSW? Is it true the BComm is better overall than Sydney's? Did you consider any other business related...
  16. atm1991

    Questions/Uncertainty Reagrding Undergraduate Economics Courses

    Hey all, I'm hoping that come the end of this year I'll be able to do a Bachelor of Economics. However, which uni to do it at is still troubling me. I think if I really work hard I can get the UAI's required to get into Economics at either USYD or UNSW (just under 92), but there seems to be...
  17. atm1991

    Just wondering whether any complete HSC notes will be added for Premium Members?

    Hey all, After just registering as a Premium Member, I have noticed there aren't any Premium Resources for Geography, Mathematics or Studies of Religion. I'm just wondering if there are plans to add notes for these subjects any time soon? Also, are there plans to publish comprehensive notes...