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  1. mads21

    QUESTIONS: Bachelor of Science (International) UNSW

    Hi, So I was thinking about doing a Bachelor of Science (International) next year at UNSW, but there isn't too much info on it as I don't think many universities offer this degree. So if anyone has done this degree or is doing it at the moment, it would be great if you could answer my...
  2. mads21

    HSC subjects - Art VS. French

    So soon I have to chose my year 12 subjects, and at the moment I am doing 14 units which I don't want to carry into year 12. My subjects are Maths 3 unit, Adv English, Chem, Bio, SOR1, Art & Beginners French (OHS). I have been tossing up over Art and French for months, and I am getting pretty...
  3. mads21

    Beginners French at Open HS - everything you need to know

    Beginners French at Open HS - everything you need to know? My name is Madison and one of my subjects I choose for yr 11 is Open High School Beginners french. I did french for all of year 8, but couldn't get a class in 9/10 and was wondering what open high school is all about, what do you do...