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    Atkinson quits + Rudd roasts Conroy

    In non-Islamic news... Two issues I've been personally following pretty closely have had some good news recently. Attorney-General Michael Atkinson quits front bench | Adelaide Now About time. Rudd roasts Conroy over the national broadband report | The Australian Seems Rudd got a bit shaken...
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    CISRA Awards

    Hey guys, so I logged into my cse email account and saw that i've been apparently short listed for some CISRA Award thing (seems like 13 people are in the running). I'm a little skeptical about it. Firstly they require an interview with CISRA representatives, and secondly they want my resume...
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    Orthogonal matrices

    Is it always true that a 3x3 orthogonal matrix with determinant 1 has an eigenvalue 1? Because the notes say so, but I have a matrix which is orthogonal and has determinant 1, but according to maple it has 2 imaginary eigenvalues and one 0. Am I doing something wrong? :(
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    Non Firefox browsers take long to load

    Heyo, ive really got no idea why, but all browsers i try other than firefox take ages to load sites (eg. google takes upwards of a minute). For the record ive tried IE, opera, avant. I'm stumped as to why, any ideas?
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    Non HSC Maths Marathon

    Just like the marathons in the hsc maths forums, except out of scope questions. I'm interested in seeing the types of questions other unis do. This might not work due to lack of people participating, but its worth a shot. (Note: no, im not using this as an attempt to get my assignment questions...
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    Calling all Math majors!

    Ok, so the first thing EVERYONE asks when i say i major in maths is 'what job will you get with that?'. Personally, I never know how to answer this. I haven't thought that far, and right now i'm only doing a math major because i really like it and it seems like the only thing im interested in -...
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    Bankstown Area/Online Tutoring for Maths and Physics: UAI 99.40, 3rd in state Maths

    Hey guys, I've been considering doing this for a little while now and figured I'd see if there was any interest. I'm offering tutoring in Maths, Maths Ext 1 and Physics in the Bankstown and surrounding areas. Quick things to know: - Completed my HSC in 2004, 99.40 UAI - Results: Maths 99/100...
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    33uoc - Crazy?

    Ok, heres my dilemma. I'm currently enrolled in COMP2121 COMP2041 MATH1081 MATH2130 MATH2601 I'd really like to do a MATH3xxx but i dont want to remove any of the above subjects as they're all core and i'd rather get them out of the way. Is doing 33 uoc way too hard or should I give it a try...
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    Semester 1 Results

    Well, the time has come. Maths marks are out. :(
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    Havent seen many 2nd year maths students around here. Rather than making a thread for each subject, thought i'd just make a general one. Which subjects do you do? Thoughts on the exam for it? Thoughts on subject? This semester i took: MATH2901 - Higher Theory of Statistics Didnt find this...
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    Java: int to char

    Hi, im having a little trouble converting int to char in java :/ What i know works: String str = Integer.toString(i); char c = str.charAt(0); Is there any better way though than creating a string? I thought maybe: int i = 0; char c = (char)i; might work, but it just prints a...
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    Help :~(

    We all know d/dx x2 = 2x But what if we define x2 = x + x + ... + x (x times) Then d/dx x2 = 1 + 1 + ... + 1 (x times) = x :O Can anyone explain? ;)
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    COMP2011/2711 Students Represent!

    Any 2011/2711 students hang around this board? I'd post more on the designated forum but it seems pretty evident they dont like taking criticism on there. I think this is quite easily the most inefficiently run subject i've ever taken :mad1: Which sucks, since its probably the most important...
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    IE Help

    Hey all, I've got a problem with IE, really dont know why it does it: Basically, when i type an address and hit enter it loads Firefox and opens the page in there, leaving IE blank and the page opened in Firefox. This started happening after i uninstalled IE7. I am back to IE6, and thats...
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    MATH2240 - Anyone done it?

    Hey all, ive basically enrolled in Introduction to Oceanography and Meteorology because it looked semi-decent (and also filled a 3 hour gap i had on thursdays :P) Doing it means im overloading (27 uoc). Just wondering from anyone that has done it how demanding it is/how large is the workload...
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    MATH1905 exam

    hey all, i dont know if this is a dumb question, but how are we supposed to answer those questions that ask you to do a t-test or a chi-square test considering we arent given the tables? For these past exams i've just been guessing whether the P-value is > or < 0.05 solely by looking at the size...
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    New Mod!

    Greetings all, I would like to announce that I have stepped down as mod of both maths and maths ext 1. It's been a great one year or so, but i felt it was time to leave. Replacing me is Slide Rule, who I thought would be the most qualified for the position, play nice ;) I'm sure he'll do an...
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    Stats question

    I got this question in the quiz and its been annoying me since i guessed the answer. It went something like: If P(X = k) = e-33k/k! find E(X-1)2 Anyone know how to do it? I tried expanding but it got really ugly and figured it was better to use my time on the other questions and guess...
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    re: posted 2003 hsc answers

    which parts specifically?
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    HSC solutions