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  1. cloud edwards

    finding all values of z from z^3 -i=0

    how does one go about finding all values of z from z^3-i=0 i got so far (not sure if right): (-i) (sqrt3)/2 + i/2
  2. cloud edwards

    Maths symbol?

    Hey, attached is from a maths textbook. THere's this 'R' looking symbol that i haven't seen before. What does it mean and how is it typically used. Thanks
  3. cloud edwards

    Engineering Dropout rates UOW

    Hey just out of curiosity, what's the dropout rate if any knows for each first year UOW subject. Is there any particular subject(s) that are harder and have higher drop out rates in University of Wollongong first year subjects. Thanks in advance
  4. cloud edwards

    Engineering first year uni work examples?

    Hey, (excuse my poor attempt at explaining), where can i find some examples of work, pracs, questions and lectures etc.. (all the things you do at uni first year)? I want to prepare myself for uni engineering (tossing between civil and mechanical) OR, what kind of topics should i focus from...
  5. cloud edwards

    Is engineering at UOW possible if you haven't done EXT 2 maths?

    As title states. Thanks in advance
  6. cloud edwards

    Changing degrees during enrollment

    Hey, So my mate has been accepted into engineering/computer science at uow, and is up to picking subjects enrollment stage. BUt she figured that it would end up being too long for her and decided to change to engineering at uow. Are there any ways she could change from com/engineering to...
  7. cloud edwards

    Amount of Band 6s

    I'm a little confused with why for a good atar estimate you need to know how much b6's per sub last year? Can someone fill me in on why this is? Thanks in advance
  8. cloud edwards

    E3 cut off 2017 maths ext 1

    Hey, what's the estimated E3 cut off for 2017's ext 1 maths exam. Would a raw mark of 44/70 be an E3? Thanx in advance
  9. cloud edwards

    chem paper answers

    anyone got the answers to the art of smart 2017 chem paper?
  10. cloud edwards

    2017 hsc maths solutions

    Yo, so has anyone got solutions for Art of Smart's mathematics paper 2017? Any help with the questions would be appreciated =)
  11. cloud edwards

    2016 hsc engineering multi-choice help

    2016 engineering multi-number 18. How does one do this (refer to attachment).
  12. cloud edwards

    2016 engineering hsc help

    How does one do this? 13) A 240 V, 75 W light globe is replaced with a 240 V, 12 W LED globe of equivalent brightness. What is the theoretical power saving? (A) 12 W (B) 63 W (C) 87 W (D) 240 W ANSWER: B
  13. cloud edwards

    Critical texts?

    Doing adv eng Do I have to use critical texts to support my essay for critical study of texts MOD B
  14. cloud edwards

    Need related text urgent

    Any good recommendation for related texts for a kid that's doing: People and landscapes Judith Wright Poems (preferably a short and sweet text and not like a novel cos there wouldn't be enough time)
  15. cloud edwards

    2016 hsc essay question Judith wright

    2016 HSC MODULES "An individual’s perception of landscape is intrinsically linked to the past. To what extent is this view represented in your prescribed text and ONE other related text of your own choosing?" PRESCRIBED TEXT: Judith Wright poems I'm having a gigantic mental block and I...
  16. cloud edwards

    Low ranked school ATAR approximation

    I got my trials marks back. Judging from these marks. Can i get an atar approximation.And is it possible to scrape a 90 with these marks, coming from a low ranked school? Will the cohort drag my marks down? And are there any ways to reduce being dragged down because majority of my cohort...
  17. cloud edwards

    English not giving marks

    So, our school finished all our assessments and tests and stuff. I've gotten back my marks and rankings for all my subjects, EXCEPT FOR ENGLISH ADV. This is because according the eng adv teacher "NESA does not allow to disclose the final assessment mark" Is this true?
  18. cloud edwards

    Will second overtake first place?

    So, our class has finished our last exams and i came out first in my class for 2 unit maths. My average mark is 91% and second is 75% with the class average being 55. number of people in class: 13 Can the second person overtake me? Because i've heard that coming first means that they get...
  19. cloud edwards

    HSC Distinguished Achievers question

    Two questions: 1) How does one get into the HSC Distinguished Achievers list. I've heard that one must get at least an 90 in their HSC. But i don't know whether that is 90 in your raw HSC exam, or 90 overall (i.e. HSC internals and external). 2)Also, is it true that your external's and...
  20. cloud edwards

    Engineering, HARDEST type?

    So I'm deciding what type of engineering to do, but I wanted to know which type of engineering requires a higher level of English and maths. I've heard that Aeronautical engineering is one the hardest because it involves a lot of EXT 2 work, as well as electrical and civil with their...