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    Need help with this kind of q asap

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    need help with part d and e

    dk e but for d y cant we use the times found in c, because velocity is a maximum at centre hence cant we just plug those times into d. also need help for e thanks in advance
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    when not to use partial fractions

    what are some key red flags whicch tell us not to use partial fractions
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    if someone could explain how to use the coverup rule for 4u partial frac would be appreciated

    tried to do a few questions but couldnt get the hang of it, and ended up being way longer than how i would do it normally thanks in advance
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    part b help

    part a is ease but wut do i do for part b dont know rlly wut the significance is:
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    any help appreciated
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    Mind Blanked need help

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    Most common integration techniques for 3u

    Like for 4u some techniques are like integration by parts partial fractions etc. Like whats the most prominent for 3u
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    AsapHow to do these questions

    I tried the Q's but to no avail. Don't know if it's a silly mistake or my whole approach to these questions is scuffed would be really grateful if someone could clarify Attached is how I tried
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    Is the working out correct?

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    ASAP y does adding more magnets to drop down a copper tube reduce the time it takes for it to drop

    Saw this on some vid 1 mag takes 8sec to drop 20inch 2 took 5 3 took 3.5 4 took 3 Can someone explain this trend and y it occurs
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    real life applications of aas

    was thinking bout some real life applications i cud refer to for aas, not part of any q or anything was just randomly thinking bout this. if any1 has any that cud be used to highlight its advantages or anything wud be gr8
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    quote meaning

    wanted to know wut ur interpretation of the lines is: from eliots preludes "You had such a vision of the street as the street hardly understands" in stanza 3 preludes thanks in advance
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    need help with this q

    thx in adv
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    need help with this q

    thx in adv
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    is this 3u

    although theyve given x=sintheta, the way i did it which i assume is the only way requires u to sub in u=costheta afterwards as well and theyve not given that. so is this a common thing they do in 3u?
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    confused and rusty on this any help appreciated

    if i do du/dy it is1 and idk wut to do after, ive done this b4 but have forgotten so any assistance is appreciated