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  1. mads21

    Parlons-nous le francais ici!

    Salut! Nous devrions commencer encore parler en français! Qui veut essayer? Un question peut-être, Choisissez: un vacances en Australia, un vacances en Europe ou un 'stay-cation' (vacances chez vous, je pense?)
  2. mads21

    Speech Pathology

    Hi guys, so much awesome information here! I am super passionate about linguistics and science and I am planning on doing Speech Pathology as a Masters degree once I graduate (either at Sydney or Macquarie). I was wondering if there were any students who are currently studying or have completed...
  3. mads21

    Lecture Attendance (Linguistics) and Arts Elective question

    Not sure if it counts towards an elective on not, but at the moment in ARTS1690, they don't take attendance in lectures, not sure if it will be the same next semester though.
  4. mads21

    QUESTIONS: Bachelor of Science (International) UNSW

    Ok well great, I guess I don't want to be locked in to going overseas, Thanks
  5. mads21

    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    Comparing that to mathematics, this exam made me feel much better, actually think I went better in this than maths, binomial though..
  6. mads21

    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    Is it true that your MX1 mark is scaled against your mathematics mark?
  7. mads21

    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    I swear those questions were so deceptive, they looked easy and then, actually really difficult! Bit disappointed as I do MX1, think I got a raw mark of 70
  8. mads21

    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    OK so I just really didn't like the specifics, like ambition and 'time and place/corruption" My thesis' let me down as it basically ruined the rest of the essay!! But loved module C - made me feel so much better!
  9. mads21

    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    Short Answer, every single question was so different!! Creative- kind of had to change my story but actually was happy with it Essay - So glad only one related! I disagreed with the attitudes thing and only did choice :/ it was ok
  10. mads21

    QUESTIONS: Bachelor of Science (International) UNSW

    Hi, So I was thinking about doing a Bachelor of Science (International) next year at UNSW, but there isn't too much info on it as I don't think many universities offer this degree. So if anyone has done this degree or is doing it at the moment, it would be great if you could answer my...
  11. mads21

    2013 CSSA Mathematics Thoughts?

    I got so caught up in that question, kinda bluffed it. Last question, got it except for the very last part on area. Just didn't get the chance to check through my answers :S
  12. mads21

    Finishing exam paper in time limit?

    This sounds like a good idea, in half yearly's I didn't finish the last question
  13. mads21

    Thoughts: CSSA English Paper 1

    Great essay question, although didn't take advantage of it. Creative story was ok, forgot about images and had to try and integrate it! Did pretty bad in the short answer, didn't analyse anything well, better luck in the modules!
  14. mads21

    HSC subjects - Art VS. French

    So soon I have to chose my year 12 subjects, and at the moment I am doing 14 units which I don't want to carry into year 12. My subjects are Maths 3 unit, Adv English, Chem, Bio, SOR1, Art & Beginners French (OHS). I have been tossing up over Art and French for months, and I am getting pretty...
  15. mads21

    Beginners French at Open HS - everything you need to know

    Re: Beginners French at Open HS - everything you need to know? Ok, I will have to wait and see :) Merci, I am looking forward to it!
  16. mads21

    Beginners French at Open HS - everything you need to know

    Re: Beginners French at Open HS - everything you need to know? Thankyou so much! Has helped heaps :) I can't wait till next year, am so excited :D
  17. mads21

    Beginners French at Open HS - everything you need to know

    Beginners French at Open HS - everything you need to know? My name is Madison and one of my subjects I choose for yr 11 is Open High School Beginners french. I did french for all of year 8, but couldn't get a class in 9/10 and was wondering what open high school is all about, what do you do...
  18. mads21

    School Certificate abolished

    Will be the last year to do it, just missed out! does it even count towards anything?