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  1. scoobertdoobert

    Early Entry for 2022

    Hey everyone :) Anyone else here nervously excited for offers on monday? Personally i'm not particularly confident but an offer in amongst all this stress with trials and covid sure would be nice! Also, I was wondering if anyone knows whether they tell us what their selection ranks for us? i...
  2. scoobertdoobert

    Geography Major

    Hi I was wondering if anyone here does or knows someone who does usyd's geography major. I really enjoy hsc geo and am looking at doing this major along with the bachelor of science (health). I'm curious as to how many people do this major, how difficult it is (would it be possible to maintain...
  3. scoobertdoobert

    Chance at 98+?

    I was wondering if anyone here could give me an indication of my chances at a 98 and any advice on areas to focus on. My school usually ranks in the low 30s but was in the 60s last year (yikes!), last year 2 students had an atar above 99 Adv English: 11/57 Adv Maths: 1/34 E1 Maths: 5/13...