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    business and social media

    hey guys, i'm doing an assignment on the way social media is affecting/will affect the way entrepreneurs run their businesses... since i'm really stuck, and trying to get ideas, what do you guys think i should focus on with the research/findings in my assignment? i'm not asking you to do my...
  2. J

    am i the only one who has no motivation?

    i sit on my ass everyday now on the computer doing anything but work. i really can't be bothered. thank God i'm not in year 12.. yet
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    subject change

    i have already e-mailed premium support group about changing subjects a few days ago.. and i haven't gotten anything back and nothing has changed :/ does anyone know how long it takes to change subjects on premium sam?
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    is this even possible??

    okay, i do year 11 modern history .. and i'm studying JFK, which is a topic in year 12 extension history... um... i didn't even know it was part of the year 12 extension history syllabus until someone told me :|
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    how to become a 'good wife'

    my friend does cafs and she told me that its really different and they learn how to cook and they're studying about 'how to become a good wife' is that true? if so that's kind of hilarious.. sorry.. and what happened to 'independence of women' and the whole unwated '1950s back to the kitchen'...
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    what.. 9, 10, 11 year olds are already having oral?

    Kids' sex talk rocks teachers Today's News - The Mercury - The Voice of Tasmania what the fuck is the world cumming to, theyre getting sluttier by the year. the word 'slut' isn't even strong enough to describe these people -_-
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    I've had this problem since i was 7 or so.. I'm having troubles reading.. i can't read.. without zoning out or falling asleep. I can easily read something factual (e.g. textbooks, newspaper articles) but i'll obviously need to get into the habit of reading heaps for yr 11 and 12. I'm good with...
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    minimal study and pulling out with a mid 90?

    i've heard a lot of people on BoS who have done minimal study and have managed to pull out amazing high 80s, low/mid 90s. How do you all do it? Studying smart vs. studying hard.. I've always wondered what ways they use to study.. Wanna share? Help the '10ers and '11ers lol =p
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    light blue username

    hey i wanted to know how premium users can set their username to a light-blue colour. i can't seem to figure this out. does anyone know how/why? thankss :)
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    all my own work question

    well, i'm going to a new school next year. but, i haven't finished all my own work.. i'm up to section 3 (i think) so, can i just tell the new school that i've done it all, or would they check it up? lol..ironic cheating on a test about cheating...
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    Hmm, yes i know i'm in year 10 and i have a long way to go.. But, i am always interested in my career path. I have a big interest in law, but also in computing. I was thinking if i should follow my dads careerpath, or my own.. (My dad works in the IT industry) Is science a pre-requisite for...
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    Decision on changing schools

    I'm in year 10 at willoughby girls hs right now and i'm planning to change schools next year to a Catholic school. Mainly because i want to do SORII in year 12. I have heard it scales well and it is easy to pass. Also, i have been told by my english tutor that it is a History based subject, and...