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    Al-Faisal College beats James Ruse in Maths

    Congratulations Al-Faisal College, Alpha Omega Senior College, Al Noori Muslim School for your outstanding performance in this year's HSC Maths. I'm not aware if Al-Faisal is even selective. But James Ruse, each year has the cream of the cream of NSW students. Understandably it has been overall...
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    Importance of Geometry for Complex Numbers

    Over the last 40 years or so, geometry has not received as much attention as they used to. Many questions on complex numbers are better approached by geometry (easier, shorter, visually-clearer, neater solutions). So if you want to do well in complex numbers, make sure you have a good foundation...
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    Do the Rich Rule Selective Schools??

    Just saw a report in a local paper headlined: "Claims rich rule selective school", in this particular case referring To James Ruse. I have read many reports over the years that claim that the selective schools favour the rich and many want to do away with selective schools altogether or at least...
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    ATAR required for Medicine at UNSW

    Just wondering if any Asian (that includes Indians, Sri Lankans, ...) last few years have been accepted into the Medical course at UNSW with an ATAR below 99.4?
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    HP Deskjet 1510 Printer - Free

    Anyone interested in an almost-unused printer? I'm giving it away.
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    Learning the New Syllabus Maths 3U & 4U Ahead

    The new syllabus will be offered from 2019 onwards. Many of you, (esp azn & south azn students) have the annoying practice of learning the course a year or two ahead. If you are one of them, I can help you on a one-on-one basis. Why would you even consider me? I'm neither rich, nor handsome...
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    Daniel Hu's Story - Toay's SMH

    Daniel Hu of Sydney Boys High who achieved an ATAR of 99.85 is an inspiring story, coming as he does from a background of extreme disadvantage.
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    Mechanics Tuition

    Now is the time some of you have just covered Mechanics in your MX2 course, are in the midst of it or will be doing so soon. Many of you will find it an easy topic - you are the lucky ones. There are also many who will find it hard. This may be because you lack the essential background or you...
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    apinix's Request

    \ddot {x} = \frac {dv}{dt} = \frac {P-mkv}{m} \\ \\ \therefore \frac {m dv}{P - mkv} = dt \Rightarrow \int \frac {mdv}{P - mkv} = \int dt \Rightarrow t = -\frac {1}{k} \ln (P - mkv) + C \\ \\ \therefore t_1 = -\frac {1}{k} \ln (P - 2mk) + C $ and $ t_2 = - \frac {1}{k}(P - 4mk) + C \\...
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    Latest IB Exam Results

    Most of you are not familiar with the IB. It is a very rigorous and chalenging course. If you obtain 45 marks, it is the perfect score - and is given the ATAR of 99.95. I have recently become aware of the amazing achievements of little Singapore in the IB exams. In the latest results just...
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    Physics Books for Sale

    1) Jacaranda HSC Physics 2 (3rd Ed) Andriessen et al (you pay over $80 buying new!) 2) Jacaranda HSC Physics 2 (2nd Ed) Andriessen et al 3) Excel HSC Physics (2003 Ed) Neville Warren 4) Success One HSC Papers - Past HSC Papers 2001 - 2007 Above to be sold in one line: $38 for the lot. Pay...
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    Prelim & HSC Text Books & Study Aids for Sale

    I have the following books for sale. Please PM me if interested re payment & pick-up at or around the Epping Station. Total purchase should exceed $10. 1. Success One Past HSC Papers & Worked Answers - General Maths (2001 - 2009) - $3 - General Maths (2001 - 2007)...
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    Good Luck in Your HSC Tomorrow

    Good Luck to all of you sitting the HSC exam tomorrow. Have a good rest and an early night.
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    Studying Engineering in university with no maths background

    Hey dude By the way: I've been telling people not to bother to do Engineering if they are doing only General Maths. People have been telling such people that the unis offer Summer School as well as bridging course; so they should be able to pursue Engineering without higher level Maths in...
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    My Students'House Number

    I tutor at my students' home. This year I have 4 new students. 3 weeks ago, on the same day, 2 of them gave me the go ahead. Both of them lived at No 10. Then a few days ago, I got a new student, and , guess what? No 10 again. So, yesterday, I decided to ask my remaining student his house...
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    Mechanics Tutor

    If any of you are struggling with your Mechanics and are looking for a tutor, you can PM me to arrange for 1, 2 or more lessons according to your needs. Each lesson will be for about 2 hours. If you are within reasonable driving distance from Epping, I can come to you or we can arrange for...
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    What happened to my Solution?

    Someone posted the following question: 5 dice are rolled. Find the: a) Prob(getting 5 '6') b) Prob(getting no '6') c) Prob(at least 1 '6') This is a very basic probability question and, being a 2U question, I'll post a 2U solution. My previous post disapppeared and I'm re-posting for the...
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    Highly Experienced IB Maths Tutor - Sydney

    I provide personal coaching for the IB Diploma subjects: - Maths Studies (SL) - Mathematics (SL) - Mathematics (HL) Please do not hesitate to call me for more information: 0405 - 130 351 Rates: - $100 per lesson (Maths Studies (SL)) - $100 per lesson (Maths (SL)) -...
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    Epping Maths Tutor

    Offering 1-on-1 tutoring in maths, especially 2U, 3U & 4U, at your place. I'm looking to tutor just a few students, just to keep me busy. And also, Because of my knowledge and experience, I'm able to help you master your maths. I've been actively, since 2009, helping students with their...
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    Choosing Subjects for Year 11 & 12

    When you are in year 10, I suspect many of you are still too young to know what course you will be doing at university. Even if you have a course in mind, you may change your mind when you have finished your HSC. My particular concern is for those who may wish to pursue Engineering. Then let...