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    Water Qualitiy

    Okay, i have an assessment about testing the water quality of a creek, i have to test for the usual stuff, but the thing is i have to devise my own equipment to replace laboratory stuff. How would i go about measuring the (i) total suspended solids and (ii) TDS? nb: the creek water sample i...
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    CARRARMAR exchange

    For those on the carramar exchange who have TPG, Internode or Optus, what are the speeds you usually get and whats your distance from the exchange? I'm really not sure which one is best as lately, there has been alot of congestion due to the new plans and speeds may be reeealy bad.
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    Can someone help me improve my really c*** essay? please PM thanks in advance
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    what marks do you think i'll need to get 90+ ATAR? math ext1 math eng std eco chem business studies school rank (2008)= about 170
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    what is a good mark?

    What would be considered a good mark (paper 1+2)? and what mark would it start to scale badly?
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    Japanese beginners

    I'm thinking of doing japanese beginners and i want to know how hard would the HSC for it would be because that the scaling isn't the best and i don't want to stuff it up.