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    Year 11 formulae in physics data sheet

    This may be a silly question that I am overthinking but why are there year 11 formulae in the hsc data sheet we are given in the hsc exam. Are they required? I know like momentum and energy could be but beat and doppler?
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    Chemistry HSC Excel book

    Is this book good?
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    Complex calculator

    For casio calculators, are the fx-100 the only ones that can do complex? Can the 82 ones do complex? If not, why do they still have the cmplx thing at the top?
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    Camera shot name

    What is the name of the shot where the camera switches between two people?
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    Bio prac test

    What are the types of things you would mention in improving accuracy, reliability and validity for a bio prac test? For things such as microscopes, mod 5 pracs, ,etc
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    Remembering quotes from reading comprehension

    How do you remember the right quotes in the reading comprehension 10 minute reading time?
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    Merchant of Venice Related Text

    Does anyone think that the film, 'Perfume, The story of a murderer' would be a good related piece for the merchant of venice?
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    Reading Comprehension HSC

    Is 200 words too much for a 4 marker?
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    Reading task

    Does anyone have tips for reading tasks?
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    Today's HSC English Exam

    How was the exam today guys?
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    Buffer week

    When does buffer week normally start? My exam block begins week 9
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    Depth study and practical test

    Could someone chuck their depth studies and past papers? Is there also potentially a google drive for depth studies and prac tests?
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    Past HSC questions and answers

    Is there any point in getting the books from companies such as excel that give the hsc past papers and answers? Could people just get the papers from websites? Why do these books even exist?
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    Grammarly for advanced english

    Is Grammarly helpful for sentence structure in essays?
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    Year 11 physics into year 12 physics

    Do you ever use your understanding of atwood machines and solving those types of questions from year 11 in year 12?
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    English Advanced themes

    How many themes should you be researching for each module? Do you think upwards of 10 is excessive?
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    HSC english advanced group tutoring

    Does anyone know any good group class tutoring for advanced english?
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    Year 11 modules in hsc

    Should I study everything from year 11 to year 12 when it comes to chem, phys, bio, ext 1 maths?
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    Advanced english band 6 tips

    Does anyone have tips on getting a band 6 in advanced English? I am freaking out. What would you include in analysis? I have heard that you explain the effect of the technique and how this addresses your argument for the question. However, I have also heard that you need to explain the effect of...
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    4u maths

    How does studying for 4u maths work? I heard that you need to also study advanced along with 3u and 4u. Is this true?