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    Is Math Ext 1 Beneficial For Advanced

    currently doing extension 1, and it's easier than advanced. Just wondering if doing extension benefits advance? Also how helpful is a tutor for you? I don't see the value in one so I don't have one, but my friends say that having a tutor really helps them
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    Year 12, Too Late For Selective School?

    I am doing pretty well in most my subjects, (including extension 1). I have also begun open source programming. Is it too late to go to a selective school in year 12?
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    How To Catch Up?

    I am going to Extension from 5.2 next year. I intend to keep the subject for my HSC. I got top of 5.2 for the year. Any tips?
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    5.2 Going To Extension

    I already asked a similar question a few months ago but now I want to ask, have any of you come from 5.2?
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    Should I Do Maths Ext 1?

    Hey guys, I am currently doing 5.2 math and am wondering whether to do Extension. I got a 91 percent in my report this year and find the content that they teach boring and dull. All of my subjects are very science and math based My studying skills and my skills in math are improving at a rapid...