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  1. LordPc

    Maple Lab Test Questions

    alright, so im working through the maple lab test questions. stuck on this question (Q3) let the vector u be an element of R^15 whose kth component is k^2 so i typed in > a:= seq(k^2,k=1..15); and got 1,4,9,...225 question is, how do i stick that into a vector? ive tried...
  2. LordPc

    1st Year electives

    help me out everyone I've got one free elective and, lets be honest with eachother, the choice of electives in semester 2 is limited. so far I've got Psych 1B but there is one more free elective I dont know what to do with. I would like to do a language, but thats semester 1 stuff. history...
  3. LordPc

    Dorry from Central

    "Hi my name is Dorry and I'll be rocking the mic this afternoon. All of your train services are running close to or on time to get you home" anybody else know this guy? couple times a week he is the announcer on platforms 18 and 19 (probably other platforms aswell) in the afternoon he...
  4. LordPc

    running windows in a lab

    anyone know how to run windows on a cse machine? ive seen a few people do it, dont know the linux command or directory for it though help anyone?
  5. LordPc

    Exam Stories

    I'd just like to hear some of your exam stories, preferably the more humourous ones, but anything interesting would be good. Didn't have many last year. About the only thing that happened was during a trial HSC exam for ancient history, some guys mobile went off about 2/3 through the paper. he...
  6. LordPc

    O week Extreme

    thank goodness for Jeeves. He put on one of the few well organised events I could find. who else participated in the flash mobbing today?
  7. LordPc

    Mentor Program

    "Do you have a "Preferred" category" male female rural international/esl no preference I dont understand. preferred category of what?
  8. LordPc


    The new sci fi series by Joss Whedon for those who havent heard of it, my best description of it would be that the show is very similar to Alias (by JJ Abrams) but with less shooting and explosions First ep aired in US few days ago. Anybody watch it?
  9. LordPc

    Postgraduate Courses

    I was looking around and found this post grad doc it says that "The basic admission qualification for postgraduate courses is completion of a recognised Bachelor degree." So my question is, what does that mean exactly? Is any bachelor degree...
  10. LordPc

    Getting into full tutorials

    Ok, I need some help from the veterans. Class Details As can be seen, many of the classes are full. Now I'm in a full class and need to get into another full class. Either the lab on thursday morning (9am-12pm) or the lab on tuesday afternoon (1-4pm) So...*suspenseful music* do...
  11. LordPc

    Further Enrolment Instructions

    So its been a couple of days and I'm eager to enrol and confirm my spot at UNSW. But this is from the UNSW Engineering Welcome Pack (see attachment) So will I be getting further instructions in the mail?
  12. LordPc

    Computer Sci & Physics bridging course

    I got an offer for computer science which I'll accept in the morning but on UAC I had a little note next to the offer saying: Offer text: If you have not undertaken HSC Mathematics Extension 1 and HSC Physics you are strongly advised to complete UNSW's Bridging Courses. For information see...
  13. LordPc

    Computer Science Languages

    What languages are learnt in Computer Science? I remember seeing an internet page where they were listed them somewhere but I can no longer find it. So what languages? (Or better yet, does anyone know that page that lists them?) Thanks
  14. LordPc

    Are you guys finding Eng Ext Fun??? share your thoughts

    topic, for those doing Ext, are you finding it fun??? so far in my class its been mostly shakespeare (geez, is there no other person to study???) and it seems as though our class is doing alot of work and overall, this massive work load, is just making the class not really very fun are any...
  15. LordPc

    Syllabus Dot points: do you write them up?

    this year some of my teachers have been giving the class the syllabus. for explanations sake i well talk about chemistry since it applies to myself. my yr 11 class doesnt write up dot points unless told by the teacher. but the year 12 chem class had to write up all thier dots points last year...