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    First Years

    When does ourimbah campus 'open' (time wise) such as the library? 8am? Edit: gah 8.30 :( damn public transport.
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    First Years

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    First Years

    Bachelor of Engineering (Telco) First year at Ourimbah :P
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    HOW many of your own texts do u need for the 2007 English standard HSC

    In past papers its asked for 2 for module C (RAW).
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    Help PLEASE FAST !!!!

    You didn't do one as a class?
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    Year 12 Farewell Song

    Schools out for SUMMER!
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    need a little help...

    I) a= 12 Integrating v= 12t + c 2=12(5) + c c=-56 v=12t - 56 integrate again x= 6t^2 -56t + c 3=6(5)^2 - 56(5) + c c= 133 x= 6t^2 -56t + 133 t=10 x= 173...
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    Thats great, but wrong country mate.
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    Raw mark cut off for a band 4/5?

    So thats not the cutoff but the mark beege might get with those trial results used as HSC. So whats the average cutoff?
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    UAI prediction please ! =]

    How the heck! would anyone else know if the test changes each year!
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    ADF Gap Year

    If you've been serving for over 80 days in this gap year thing you can't get out of it, well the army part anyway.
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    What is the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero?

    They both still cause cancer though...right? or is it just diet?
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    English and UAI

    Whats the average band for standard? cause I want to get above it, highly unlikely though.
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    CSSA trials physics

    Holes and specific shape, etc.
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    Binary Arithmetic

    I think I get it now, except how -128 can be represented. 1000 0000 (128base 10) 0111 1111 (1's comp) 1000 0000 (twos comp) So when calculating the complements you ignore the eigth bit representing the sign? The why isn't it 128 to -128??
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    What are people creating for the HSC?

    July sometime, oh shi........
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    Binary Arithmetic

    This is really giving me the shits, i had the same problem, we were taught that the 8th bit is used to represent negative or positive, made me confused when the teacher isn't teaching it that way. Saying it will overflow etc. Oh also can you explain to me why 1000 0000 is -128?
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    Binary Arithmetic

    Why isn't the twos complement of -136, 120? shouldn't it be the other way around? What have you done here?
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    What do I have to do for a UAI of 99.55 for law

    Try to get over 90 in standard english! thats a challenge.
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    Extension 1 MAths ...plzzz help!!!

    Err isn't it one?