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    Stage 1 subjects compulsory?

    I would have thought that physics is fairly fundamental to understanding climate science. If you don't want to study it, I suggest that you reconsider your major. Compulsory subjects in a major are there for a reason. Particularly at first year level.
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    B Science/B Education(sec) @ UNSW

    This is not correct. I did a BSc BEd majoring in maths at UNSW and did the higher stream courses the whole way through. Any student can enroll in the higher stream provided their maths WAM is high enough, it doesn't matter if you are in advanced science or not.
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    Quick Questions

    When I studied at UNSW, maths teachers only had a single major. From the link you've posted it looks like this is still the case. The situations with science teachers is a bit different, because they need to do a wide variety of science subjects in order to teach general science in years 7-10.
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    Being both Mathematics and English teacher?

    You do occasionally meet people who teach both. But they are rare. I suspect that if you qualify to teach both you will find that most of the time you are teaching maths, as that is where the big shortages are.
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    Bsc/Bed USYD or UNSW

    No, they haven't. You do not need to do a dip ed after doing the BSc BEd at UNSW. Check with the institute of teachers if you want to be sure. They have a list of approved initial education courses.
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    2012 Semester 2 UNSW Chatter Thread

    Higher Complex is the most enlightening subject in 2nd year maths. Just make sure you get a copy of the Churchill and Brown textbook.
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    2012 Semester 2 UNSW Chatter Thread

    It means that it has no explicit dependence on time. It's a method for turning a DE into a matrix equation so that you can use matrix methods on it.
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    Limiting Area

    'Cause I am feeling lazy, I shall link you to the appropriate wikipedia site. It even has a gif annimation
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    Applied Maths courses

    The maths modelling course; Optimisation; Dynamical systems and Chaos; PDEs. You should also consider doing Higher Analysis, even though it is a Pure maths subject. Computing, maybe.
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    Transfer to B Arts

    Do you mean subjects that you have already done that you can't count towards your degree, or electives that you need to choose for the Advanced Maths degree? If the former, you can probably apply to have some of your B.Com subjects counted in place of Gen Eds, and if the latter, you just do...
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    Transfer to B Arts

    Why not just forget the double degree and do straight advanced maths?
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    2 unit maths revision

    What you wrote wasn't an equation, hence it does not have a solution.
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    Mathematics question

    Presumably you have been using the fact that an integer cannot be simultaneously odd and even to do Q1. You do can do the base 3 one by appealing of the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic: (The odd/even stuff is just a special case...
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    Implicit Differentiation Graphs - help needed

    You could express y as a function of x (or rather two functions of x, as you will have to take a square root somewhere) and then think real hard about what happens as x goes to infinity.
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    Implicit Differentiation Graphs - help needed

    Take eq(1) and complete the square: 5x^2 - y^2 + 4xy = 18 9x^2-(y^2-4xy+4x^2)=18 9x^2-(y-2x)^2=18 Using the difference of two squares, we have (3x-y+2x)(3x+y-2x)=18 (5x-y)(x+y)=18 Now we can see that neither of the factors on the LHS can be zero since the RHS is not, so 5x-y=0...
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    general UNSW chit-chat

    I think it is scaled based on the performance of the 1141 candidature on the common questions.
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    pass conceded grade question

    I think that there is some algorithm that they use. It is based on the WAM that you obtain in your other courses. Basically, if your WAM is higher, they will give you a conceded pass at a lower mark. I think about 45 is the limit in any case.
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    Yep. Did it about 3 years ago. Now doing a research degree in the area. It's not hard. (Might depend on your mathematical background, though.)
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    Combined BE BSc Program

    Unless the rules have changed, pass with distinction is only available in programs that don't have an honours award. Thus it applies to neither the BSc (which has an add on honours year) nor Engineering, which gives honours based on the engineering WAM.
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    Variation of Parameters

    OK, I'll just go through the algorithm. You look up why it works later. Firstly, you solve the homogeneous equation. In this case, you get two fundamental solutions, u1=cos x and u2=sin x. Next you find the Wronskian of the these solutions, W. (In this case it is 1, so not particularly...