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    After the HSC

    What is everyone planning on doing after the HSC? I just want to sit back and play games for the rest of those 3-4 months before uni..
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    Medical Science or Advanced Science?

    Which of these provide the best pathway to medicine? And if not medicine, which has the best career opportunities? I've heard that advanced science generally has better career opportunities. What do you think? :)
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    Atar Estimates :D

    Hey guys! This for my friend and I. Thanks in advance! :D ADV English: 10/40 Chemistry: 11/36 Physics: 8/40 Biology: 5/42 English EXT 1: 2/8 Mathematics EXT 1: 11/13 (yeah I know) Mathematics: 8/27 And my friend - ADV English: 29/40 Chemistry: 1/36 Physics: 6-7/40 Biology: 12/42...
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    Nuclear chemistry question..

    Hey guys! Just wanted to ask about nuclear radiation.. How can you tell whether a radioactive nucleus would emit alpha or beta particles? Is it just based on the heaviness or instability of the nucleus? Thanks in advance! :)