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  1. turntaker

    Discrete maths and comp1511 clash

    There is a tute and lecture clash between these two, anyone know what to do?
  2. turntaker

    Green Ps test practice

    I have booked my green P test for this week and I was wondering what I can do to practice? Can I get away without practicing for it?
  3. turntaker

    Discrete Maths can't enroll in lecture

    Anyone else having trouble enrolling into discrete maths? I have selected the tutorials but there is no option to select a lecture.
  4. turntaker

    Got early UAC offer before main round.

    I received an early UAC offer today for my 2nd preference (B.Science). I was wondering if I can still receive a an offer for my first preference in the main round?
  5. turntaker

    when do transfer offers come out

    do they come out in the main round? Also i have just applied through UAC. I haven't provided my Wam or anything. is this done automatically. (I applied for external transfer)
  6. turntaker

    Does UAC automatically get your WAM/GPA?

    So I have completed my UAC application for transferring university next year. However I am not sure if I need to somehow provide my WAM/Academic Transcript to UAC at the end of the semester. Is this process done automatically?
  7. turntaker

    Transferring into UNSW

    Anyone know if UNSW uses WAM only or atar and wam? i've heard that it depends on uni and the course. I haven't found this information anywhere edit: I am interested in engo(cse)
  8. turntaker

    University of Wollongong announces South Western Sydney Campus in Liverpool.

    Opening in 2017, the new campus will initially occupy two floors in the Liverpool City Council’s Moore Street building before moving into larger premises in Liverpool’s new Civic Place development, expected to be completed in 2019. From the start of the 2017 academic year, the interim campus...
  9. turntaker

    move non school back to the top

  10. turntaker

    What is love

    Baby dont hurt me.
  11. turntaker

    Transfer into engineering.

    What kind of wam will I need to transfer into engineering or cs at unsw.
  12. turntaker

    Dual degree worth it or no?

    I am going to study Computer Science this year and I am not sure if combining it with some sort of engineering is worth it. At the moment I am not sure if I like hardware(electronics) or software, but I have interest in both. Doing computer science would mean that I will not deal with any...
  13. turntaker

    UOW to UNSW Transfer (Computer Science)

    Just a few questions I had regarding external transfer How do I know if my credits will transfer? Should I do elec/comp sci at UOW then transfer to UNSW or just pick comp sci on its own? (Because of how engo focused CS is at unsw.) Can I transfer to any course? Is both my ATAR/GPA...
  14. turntaker

    Atar estimate plz

    HI, PLZ ESTIMATE MY ATAR THX CHEM:97 PHYS:97 MX1:97 MX2:97 thanks gusie. xoxo
  15. turntaker

    Apple's new iPhone battery case.

    So apple released a new case recently and in my opinion its one of the stupidest looking products. Its also $100 USD , so, very overpriced. Apple seems to love milking customers for money by selling overpriced products just because it has the apple logo on it. thoughts?
  16. turntaker

    Civ V

    Does anyone here play Civ
  17. turntaker

    Motorcycle parking?

    Hi guys, If I go to UNSW i will probably move somewhere close to it and I was hoping to ride there which would take me about 15 minutes. Is it free to park motorcycles on campus? If so how safe is it? Also can I get a locker to put my gear in?
  18. turntaker

    Buying: DET Laptop

    Ok guys, since you are all leaving school some of you are getting new laptops for uni or have already bought a new one and you may no longer use your DET laptop. I am willing to buy your laptop. (using is as a server/extra laptop) Please send me your offers.
  19. turntaker

    Hl3 is confirmed all aboard the hype train

    NO MORE HSC, HL3 IS COMING !! http://www.valvetime.net/threads/what-are-the-leaked-hl3-txt-and-rpg-txt-files-all-about.246431/
  20. turntaker

    Possible to defer FEAS for 1 year?

    I am thinking of taking a gap year next year, IF I get into Engineering through FEAS can i defer the offer for 1 year?