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  1. ogmzergrush

    Instant Messaging (MSN/Skype/Trillian) Issues

    Ok, so as per all the other issues I have resorted to posting here to fix, I've come up with a problem which is driving me insane. Basically, my problem is that messages between myself and one other person are vanishing (without it saying at my end or theirs that the message has not been...
  2. ogmzergrush

    Warhammer Online

    First of all, here's a presentation by Paul Barnett from Mythic talking about the game. Definitely a good presentation! Aside from sharing that video, which I find awfully funny, I'm starting this thread to ask if any of the WoWers are considering jumping ship when this comes out? I'm...
  3. ogmzergrush

    Games Freezing (About to convert to Amishism)

    Hi everyone, this issue is driving me absolutely mental, but I'll post here in the hope that someone has some ideas. So, basically my problem is that I've carried out a bunch of upgrades (See specs for current system configuration), and now games refuse to run in a stable fashion. This...
  4. ogmzergrush

    Bizarre network file-sharing issues.

    I've got a network here of four machines, a laptop which comes and goes from the network, two desktop machines and an xbox (obviously, not on all the time). They're connected via a NetComm 8 port switch, and IPs and network settings are manually configured correctly for each machine. All...
  5. ogmzergrush


    I'd like to direct you to http://community.boredofstudies.org/showthread.php?t=45484 If you don't like it, have the faq changed. There's no need to abuse someone for asking a legitimate question.
  6. ogmzergrush

    Bill Gates, Humanitarian Demon

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4551131.stm I know this probably belongs in news and current affairs, but given the bad report he seems to cop in here I thought it might be more appreciated by you folks. For such an (apparently) evil mother fucker, he does alright. Of course a load of...
  7. ogmzergrush

    Provisional Spring Session Exam Timetable

    Like the title says, provisional exam timetable is up as of some time after 12:00 today. Just thought I'd remind everyone, you should check it for clashes and report any problems BEFORE the 17th, or you'll be what we in the industry like to refer to as 'fucked'. Accessible via SOLS, click...
  8. ogmzergrush

    Machine Head!

    http://www.machinehead1.com/news.html I don't know about everyone else, but I'm heaps stoked! The show in Sydney is on October 2nd at the roundhouse. tickets are ~55.60, I'm there! Early rumour is that Exodus may be playing support, but of course that's unconfirmed and may be just wishful...
  9. ogmzergrush


    just a quick one for those of you who check here more often than you check your SOLS (I'm sure there is at least one of you) :) Results appear to be up a day early. at least for marks from Informatics, Law, and Science faculty subjects. Enjoy ;)