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    Thoughts on french contineurs

    Hey, please share your thoughts here.
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    2U paper

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    hardest 4u papers

    hi what are the hardest 4u papers for practice? thanks
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    some questions

    Hi I have a few questions: 1) what text book should I buy for extension 1? 2) how does one study for this subject? just memorise quotes and themes like year 7-10? 3) how many essays should I do each week? 4) how long should one dedicate time to this subject each week? 5) is it a big step up...
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    Help please

    hey does biology scale bad??
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    Help please

    Hi, I have a few q's... 1) what are the prerequisites for dual degrees at sydney uni???? like chem or bio? 2) which is the best dual degree? economics/ med or adv science/med or med science/ med or music/med or arts/med or commerce/med??? 3) do they consider your umat %? or is it just get...
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    Option topics

    Hi, which option topic is the best????
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    Icebucket challenge

    SCOTTISH teenager has died after performing an elaborate ice bucket challenge stunt. His death is believed to be the second linked to the social media craze, where people dump buckets of iced water on their heads to raise funds for motor neuron disease. Cameron Lancaster, 18, drowned on...
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    Best hsc maths books

    Hi what are the best maths books for hsc 2u maths and 3u?
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    CSSA trial: physics thoughts

    Hi class of 2014, please post your thoughts on the CSSA physics paper. Best of luck and all the best in your studies.
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    Past Papers

    Hi, does anyone have any past papers for 2u maths and chem. thanks
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    Weirdest/craziest songs

    Hey guys. Some of the weirdest songs I've heard: 1)Aqua- Barbie girl www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyhrYis509A 2) Boom Boom Boom- Vengaboys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAaUKoeWhlk 3) I'm Professor Ludwig Von Drake- Disney (heard that at Disneyland )...
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    Help please

    Hi guys, My friend at school is considering to do 4 unit. She does the following subjects: 3 unit maths averaging around 70-80% 3 unit english averaging around 95% 2 unit chem averaging around 70-80% 2 unit modern history averaging around 90-95% 2 french contineurs averaging around 90-95% In...
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    Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 shot down

    Hi, this is tragic news. Malaysia Airlines plane has been shot down over eastern Ukraine by a surface-to-air missile • 27 Australians included in the 295 people on board • Pro-Russian separatists being blamed but they have denied this A MALAYSIA Airlines plane with 295 people on board...
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    Does the HSC determine how smart you are. Discuss.

    Hi, My friends and I were discussing today at school about this. One of my friends (she's a top-notch debater) says that the HSC is a measure of one's intelligence and if you do badly then you are dumb. I'm just curious to see other people's opinions thanks.
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    Option topics

    Hi :D Which option topic is the best and which is the easiest to get full marks in? I want to get into med, if that helps. Thanks.
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    Help please.

    Hi guys, I've just got a question, what is truong's or ngo and sons phone number? Heaps of people seem to go there from my school and now i feel insecure and scared that if i don't go there then I will be missing out on a band 6... I'm actually freaking out! (I'm being serious) Many...
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    Hey guys, who watched eurovision this year? My favorite group was France :) :spin:
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    Comment here if you have an interesting hobby

    I'm just curious :D:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: I speak french at uni level and i'm doing 7th grade piano, not sure if interesting,