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    silly mistakes

    i'm trying to focus in my trials prep on silly mistakes as they are what are costing me the most marks. im listing down the recurring ones and thinking if my answer is reasonable - does anyone have any other tips to minimize silly mistakes? a good number of them just occur for stupid algebra...
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    Can't Find Past Papers From New Syllabus

    This. Just make sure not to neglect any newly added topics (eg for math, vectors, new stat stuff, differential eqns)
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    how shud i approach this q

    C has an x^2 and theres no turning point at x=0 so it can't be C
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    Need help with weird vector proof!

    sorry my writing is a bit messy
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    Is permutations and combinations relevant in year 12 adv and ext 1 maths?

    No not really. However the year 11 content is examinable in the HSC unlike other subjects so you still need to be across it.
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    Is it worth doing english ext?

    i'm currently doing y11 ext eng and i plan to drop it at the end of term 3. to some extent it does help you with advanced english, you get more "assessment practice" which is the main reason i took it. however a bunch of the approaches taken are much more in depth, and in some cases, largely...
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    pretty likely you would regret dropping to english studies. what kind of major trouble are you having?
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    GIPA request to get HSC raw marks?

    https://education.nsw.gov.au/about-us/rights-and-accountability/information-access "information that may not be disclosed" "the storage, reporting and analysis of department information relating to the ranking of students who have completed the Higher School Certificate for entrance into...
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    HELP! Chem practical test on Mod 1 and 2

    Gravimetric analysis is very common. Particularly salt/sand separation. Rates of reaction is another one. Probably will then be related to some mole calcs.
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    How are these marks so far/where and how should I improve?

    Yes, as jimmy demonstrated above, the external marks of your cohort are used to determine your internal marks based upon your internal rank. So the better your cohort the better your internal marks will be
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    How are these marks so far/where and how should I improve?

    around what rank is ur school also a 48% rank 2??? what the hell, thats gotta be one of the craziest ive ever seen
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    Should BYO laptops be allowed at school?

    BYO laptops >>>> people want to use mac or windows, or some other notetaking program like notion or obsidian. oh guess what you can't do that if your laptop is school-issued This makes the laptops completely useless imo, if you are forced to finish an assignment late or revise during the...
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    Ext 2 andExt 1 in exam working out tips

    Are you working linearly through the paper (generally)? I assume that you have to use a different writing booklet for each question, if your exams are structured like that. If you don't have to, then I would strongly suggest doing so anyway if they are long, multi-part questions, or at least...
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    Is it worthwhile to memorise essays?

    what do you do if the question does not lend itself to your memorised essay? or do you memorise multiple?
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    websites for past papers?

    What does the banner mean? Note: Site currently in maintenance/unmanaged mode. Content will still be accessible but is not up to date
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    Are we allowed video content of ourselves in the Multimedia product?

    this is industrial technology not english :oops:
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    tips for spending the summer holidays wisely?

    How far ahead did you finish the content in each holidays? (eg 1 term ahead, the whole year in summer holidays, etc?)
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    when does school start.

    Friday & Monday are staff development days for AFAIK all government schools. At my school at least, yrs 7, 11, 12 start on Tues 1st feb and everyone else Wed 2nd feb. As always private schools are probably different
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    2021 ATAR/HSC Marks

    what was the next atar after urs