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    silly mistakes

    i'm trying to focus in my trials prep on silly mistakes as they are what are costing me the most marks. im listing down the recurring ones and thinking if my answer is reasonable - does anyone have any other tips to minimize silly mistakes? a good number of them just occur for stupid algebra...
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    Median ATAR vs Median Selection Rank

    A friend and I noticed that for UNSW comp sci, there is a significant difference between the median selection rank and median atar. What's going on here? Most other courses don't have such a large difference between the two, particularly high in the 90s. Does UNSW have a lot of adjustment...
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    Senior english vs Junior english

    (I'm in Year 10 now, fwiw) Typically, I'm an alright English student, I normally get a low A mark across most tasks, with the occasional mid A to ful marks, and on the other end the occasional high B. This year I am in the top english class for my cohort (selective school). I'm rather concerned...
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    Subject selection advice/Sci Ext

    hey all, As it is now subject selection time I have been looking at what I want to do over the next two years. Aiming for UNSW CompSci (hopefully some form of scholarship also). Currently Currently I am doing accelerated math extension 1 (prelims this year, HSC next year). My current thoughts...