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    Exemption from practicals

    Last year I was doing chem1101 in a BSci and i transferred this year into BPharm meaning i'm now doing chem1611. Would I be able to get an exemption from doing the practical as chem1101, chem1001, chem1611 and chem1901 all do the same prac. Thank you.
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    Range of this function?

    what is the range of z=e^ix + i ? please help im confused thanks
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    What do you guys take to uni?

    This is my 1st year at uni and so far all I've been taking to eat/drink is a bottle water and buying from uni. Food at uni is very expensive for me to actually maintain this routine, I spend around $30-$40 everyday (I start from 10 to 5 everyday). I was wondering what everyone takes to uni to...
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    can someone please help

    can someone tell me how to do this just b thanks
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    transfer into law

    What course is suitable to transfer into law within usyd?
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    Bachelor of Science

    Hey, my friend achieved 80.40 ATAR in 2015 and has Bachelor of Science as his no. 1 preference, which last year cut off was 83.00. He wants to know what are the chances of getting in with the main round offers coming up with the help of bonus points. And also would anyone know how much like...
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    raw marks

    I was going to purchase the raw marks for my exams but for some reason the "result check" box clicked when i clicked on the "raw marks" column. Can you not get your raw marks without getting your results checked? thank you
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    please help me need help

    I'm planning to study Bachelor of Pharmacy at USYD and the ATAR cut-off is 90.20 however I highly doubt ill make it even close even with bonus points. I was wondering if I could get in to Bachelor of Science and then transfer into Pharmacy after one year? Thank you
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    When does UAC officially tell you if you're accepted or not, or if you've made the cut for first round. Thanks.
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    Help with bs question

    Can someone please help me with this? I have no idea what's happening http://imgur.com/Rqaxa4p
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    hardest 2 unit question?

    does anyone (in their opinion) have the hardest 2 unit question? what has been the hardest question?
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    Module B Help Please

    Did anyone do citizen kane? because i got raped. The question had two parts and one of them was about vanity and I didnt know what that meant so didnt answer basically. Whats the max I can get?
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    how necessary is it to have a critic in your critical analysis? will i lose marks? thanks
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    independent paper

    does anyone have the 2015 independent paper? paper 2 mostly needed
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    What happens if i cant sit an exam

    ^ like what happens if im too sick to sit an exam?? what happens with my mark
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    band 5 english

    how many words are needed for borderline band 5 in advanced english? thanks
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    ranks needed for 99+ atar

    This isn't for, its for a friend who's starting year 12 now and is wondering what ranks would be needed in all of her subjects School ranking was 148 in 2014 English Advanced: /70 ~ Mathematics: /90~ 3 Unit Mathematics: /40~ Legal Studies: /50~ Ancient History: /50~ Extension History: /10...
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    maths state rank

    what raw do you need for state rank and what aligned is state rank? thanks
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    can someone please help

    I do english advanced and all my essays are around 900 words, however when I was siting the trial exam I only managed to actually complete one essay from what I had memorised and had to cut like a paragraph of the other two. I wanted to drop them all to 800, but i was wondering if that was good...
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    Raw marks!

    does anyone have or know from where to get SOR 2 raw marks from? only one source on this http://rawmarks.info/wiki/Studies_of_Religion_2 thank you