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    Is it possible to still get into usyd even if you don't receive the required ATAR for your course? or even if you get an ATAR close to the required one? I know there are other admission pathways but they don't apply to me so I can't use any of them. I didn't know about the E12 scheme either so I...
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    Selling notes for Business, Biology, Standard English, SOR 2

    Hey guys, I am selling notes and sample responses for Business, Standard English and SOR 2 and notes for Biology. The prices for each subject is $25. You won't be paying $25 for each doc but just for each subject. Though, prices are negotiable. The details are below: Business Studies: -...
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    Assessment ranks

    If your assessment rank is not in the top 10 for two out of 5 subjects, would that affect your ATAR greatly by scaling down the HSC exams for those two subjects?
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    Literally so lost

    Realising that the bio and business HSC exams are so near, I just had a breakdown today knowing that I still have content to cover. I really don't know how I am going to cover it all and still make time for questions, especially essay and report questions for business. For bio I have been using...
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    Stressed out

    Hey guys just wanted some consultation on what I should do for bio and business. They are both in two weeks time, Bio on Monday and Business on Tuesday. I am still learning content, where I have learnt half of the content for each of them and still have the remaining half to memorise. I also...