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    'm sick of being single :(

    Note: this is not a troll post. I am srsly sick of being single :( and the girl im interested in now is a BOS member. Advice plz?
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    Lets all move on

    Ok. Some people may recall taht I posted a thread about liking this chick a few weeks ago. Well, since then, I've decided she's not worth teh pain and would like to move on. For anyone else in the same situatuion, lets brainstrom ideas on how to conquer unrequited love. ANSWER PEOPLE!
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    Why so confusing??

    Ok. So there is this girl that I like, who I have good conversations with on msn. However, i noticed that she never starts convos with me. Is this an indication to back off? But then if she really disliked talking to me wouldn't she just block me? What are your thoughts girls/guys?
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    Does This Seem Right?

    Sorry everyone its my first time posting and I'm not sure if this is the right place. Ok, well I know there's nothing I can do about it, but i really being wronged and want other people's opinions. These were my HSc marks 2007: Eng Adv 88 Chem 91 Maths Adv 86 Maths ext 1 39/50...