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    thoughts on the stimulus for discursive/how to get ideas in discursive? (plssss help)

    I m really struggling to get ideas and I want to write a discursive peice as part of my MOD C assignment on quote : ‘I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met’ What are your thoughts on this quote? also how should I in general come up with story/ideas for english...
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    find Growing up poem

    Hi everyone, Can someone tell me where can I find Growing up by U.A Fanthorpe? I searched up but I am not able to find it....
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    Billy elliot related text suggestions??

    recently my school gave me assignment for common module, the prescribed text is billy elliot and we have to present a 'ted talk' and relate to quote 'Our identity has already been chosen for us; but it's up to us to accept it - or fight and change it.'. Can anyone pls suggest me some related...
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    Engineeting stds tutions?

    hey, does anyone go to tutions for engineering? or happens to know a good place where anyone goes? because i am willing to join one. Thank u!!
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    Drop engineering or business studies?

    I am really confused about what to drop in year 12, Business studies and Engineering Studies. It seems like business can get you marks and it scales well than engineering (correct me if I am wrong for this cos I am not sure). On the other hand, I like Engineering studies more than Business...