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    Maths Ext 2 Predictions/Thoughts

    If you buy the paper, are you given a marked version of it or just your original answers? Since I know they scan it etc.
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    What About University are you Most Excited About?

    I guess I'm really excited more about the freedom and aftermath of post-HSC but I'd say.. societies, being engaged in uni/and the general community, getting back into dance/swimming/track/basically all the sport I quit for senior studies, internships!!!!!!!, general work experience (I missed out...
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    Society and Culture HSC Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    Pretty good :spin: Hope my words were articulated well though hahaha What about you?
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    Society and Culture HSC Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    Oh my god those are all intertwined so well and really interesting! I'm doing SISE - ATSI people, BSI - Buddhism, SACC - India!
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    Society and Culture HSC Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    Sweet! What option topics are you doing?
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    Society and Culture HSC Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    So does anyone else do SAC here :confused2: :spin:
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    Writing Booklets Were Too Small

    Same!!! In the first 20 minutes, I could already sense myself needing an extra booklet so when I put my hand up (put it early cause they walk slow) the supervisor was still going around taking note of our student numbers and didn't notice me, and it was honestly just sad and way too long of a...
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    fkn inequalities mex2

    Take a deep breath!! (I'm assuming this is for 4U since you said Q16) I suggest keep having a look at questions and their answers right after, to understand the method properly! Don't feel stressed about looking at the answers because at this point, it's best to memorise/rote learn or just get...
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    SRS Thread

    How do you know if you have received SRS? Also, it's not for all universities right? (I hope I do not sound like a noob)
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    Software Design & Development Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    I got this too!! To be fair, I quite enjoyed this paper. Besides a few yucky parts like the pseudocode for extracting string or whatever etc. Overall, I'd say it was better than 2020 :spin:
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    1984 and human motivations??

    Hey, here are some starting points: * Human behaviour... think of Winston's characterisation throughout the triparte structure (state control, rebellion, defeat) * Motivations... think of why Winston wants to rebel * Assumptions... what is already in place in Oceania? Compare it to a...
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    15 and 16

    Yep, that makes so much sense! Thank you! :spin:
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    15 and 16

    Ohhh so you mean it is only swapping the values and not the index?
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    15 and 16

    Hey! Thanks so much for your response! :hammer: For Q15, I made a table and got it as index=2 for X and index=3 for Z instead? So when I swapped them, it gave me B. I still didn't quite get how you got it the other way originally? I can send you my working out, if you'd like. I understand...
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    15 and 16

    Would someone mind explaining why the answers are C and B? I got B and A instead???
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    How would you approach this Eliot question?

    Credit to deanjacobson_
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    what types of forms can we use for imaginative

    Could we do an autobiography of a character we make up?
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    mod b help!!

    Would this apply to textual integrity?
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    Yeah, we all thought it was okay for one paragraph. I personally just left a line between (cause I kinda panicked with the last text haha) but I think as long as you answer the question and provide a sustained amount of supporting evidence - all is well :)
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    YOOO this came today