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  1. d1ngo

    is anyone else doingadv. diplomaAdv. Diploma Hospitality Managemnet- Ryde Tafe

    Is anyone else doing this course? What are your elective strands? and what are you planning to getinto after the course?
  2. d1ngo

    Violence in COMPUTER GAMES??? :chainsaw:

    I juist saw some shit on the 7:30 report about how they're trying to ban violent video games... funnily enough, two of my favourite video games were shown... Vice City and Max Payne... i was proud... proud to be a gamer... FFS... i wish ppl would get over it... it's ANIMATED... at...
  3. d1ngo

    PMH - Harrison's a bitch...

    For those ppl wondering who 'harrison' is... thnk back to the movie Billy Madison, where Adam Sanler grabs the fat kid and says the line "Stay Here. Stay As Long As You Can..." The Fat kid is Harriso about 30 yrs ago... This thread's for all the ppl affected by harrison and his lack of a...