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    Appeal. Help please.

    Appeal Does anyone know if you go crap in your exams due to depression, what happens with the misadventure appeal. What do they do if your school assessment ranking were really good?
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    Biotech question prediction.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what they will ask?
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    Was Mendel an Australian scientist? Does anyone know an Australian scientists?
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    18th birthday!!

    My boyfriends 18th is coming up and we've been through a lot and I'm wondering from a guy or a girls point of view what would be a really good present?
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    Why so quiet???

    Does nobody do Germany? Is everyone prepared? Or is this forum just completely dead?
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    Bio exam marks

    for everyone who already did their HSC, what marks did you get for bio?
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    Impossible dot point

    How do I do this dot point anyone? It is probably easy and im not thinking about it enough but I'm stuck. Process info to construct a flow chart that shows that changes in DNA sequences can result in changes in cell activity.
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    Cold War historiography HELP

    Cold war historiography It seems a little harder to find, I can only really find historians opinions on the origins/cause of the Cold war. Can anyone else find anything?
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    What possible questions they may ask?

    Hey guys, What do you reckon they'll ask this year for Germany, If you had to make a guess.