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    Problems with Int Studies

    I've enrolled in B International Studies - Asian Language Beginners (Japanese). I'm doing JPN153, JPN154 and JPN118. I need to make up 3 required credit points and was told I shouldn't do JPN115 cause I didn't need to (Did HSC Japanese), so the vacation course, JPN190 is my only option left...
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    The 'What are these units like?' Thread- 2007

    Oh ok, thanks for the heads up on that. I was tossing up between AHST100 and AHST103... I think I might go with AHST103 and AHST101. Especially since I got denied from Ancient History in high school and had to settle with Modern History. So I don't have the best background on Egypt.
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    The 'What are these units like?' Thread- 2007

    I got quite alot of units I'm wondering about. Their descriptions aren't very detailed... AHST100 AHST103 JPN118 JPN190 (Vacation Unit) HIST189 CHN157
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    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    UAI: 87.65 JUAI: 86.75 SAM: 86.75 Happy with the number, I just needed 85 for the course I want, wasn't expecting 87 for the amount of work I put into things... I was just hoping to scrap through.
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    buying art supplies...cheapest and best

    I've never bought Acrylics... so I wouldn't know. But this goes for all paints... The grade of paint is important. If you buy student quality you will have a cheap in price but cheap in colour. The pigments will be made from dyes that can fade, etc... but you can buy Artist quality which will...
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    Can i please have some advice?

    You have a starting point now its time to extend it past that. What about the idea that interests you? How can you explore it? Pursue the concept through a range of medias, just because you do photomanipulation doesn't mean you can't do painting. A Body of Work allows for a wide range of...
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    Congratulations Art Express Nominees!

    I though it was early December too...
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    Congratulations Art Express Nominees!

    Got my one yesterday. I hate writing artist statements, hope it won't cost me a place in Art Express... I think I might spend the whole of today editing it. Just when I thought it was all over... Xp
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    Congratulations Art Express Nominees!

    Most likely. Some situations they send back some components of your BOW but keep the most striking pieces. But if all of your BOW was sent back, then chances aren't very good...
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    How many artists do u do for the last section of exam?

    For my postmodern essay I've done 4 artists, 2 artworks for each artist. I've made sure that the artworks contrast though. I've got other essays prepared but I think my postmodern one is the safest one to use....
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 2006

    My exacts thoughts... I wasn't impressed with the intro of the creative and I just hated the imaginative journey essay, they could of picked a better rubric term than just 'Speculation'. Section one was decent but nothing that great. AoS has always been the worst one for me... Time to forget I...
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    Which Texts Are You Doing? (Stimulus+Prescribed+Related)

    Prescribed - The Tempest Stimulus - Journey to the Interior Related - The Scree by Paul McDermott (Short Film) and Portrait Of The Artist As An Evolving Landscape (Surrealist Painting) by James Gleeson Didn't realise this til' now, I picked two related texts by Australian composers...
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    Poem for creative writing

    You could incorporate a poem into a different text type, to create a small break in structure or even play around with the structure of a short story to mimic a poem. But there probably is too much to remember or too little to write for it to be exclusively a poem.
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    This Forum For Visual Arts Is Ded

    Give it a couple more weeks and the next batch of HSC students will arrive, some already have. Its a never ending cycle. Though the last time I check them was I think 2 months ago... Its only really dead because people have finished their BOW and are taking a slight break from Art, I wonder...
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    is anyone doing anything visual arty-related next year?

    I'm going to pursue art as a side project. Or better yet do two things at once, which would make me happy. International Studies with Japanese then build up my collection of artworks. Possibly selling prints online which wouldn't get me anything more than a little bit of pocket change Xp. If...
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    is this cheating?

    Its not cheating. But I do see what you mean. Especially when I was the only one not to send photos away to be printed and mounted in my class. Only to find that their photos had been 'touched up' while being mounted... even printed on a special paper (to their own surprise and without their...
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    financing your BOW

    I don't use any of the paints, etc... from the Art Department. Mainly because they date back to the 1970's. And because they are student quality, which is really difficult to use well. However the digital art and printmaking supplies are very good. Too bad I have no need for them. My BOW cost...
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    interesting artists

    We are learning about; Yasumasu Morimura (Cross-dressing perfomance artist) Ron Mueck (Guy who makes laytex figures that defy scale) Piccinni (Car Nuggets, etc...) Orlan (Plastic Surgery woman, wanted to be 'ideal' so she took eyebrows from the Mona Lisa... etc and now she looks all...
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    Most shite module?

    Sadly I would say Mod C:Frontline. Only because it seems to be the least polished of the three. Rushing through it didn't help either. I'm all for supporting an Australian text but something doesn't seem right compared to the other two. It might be that after watching and deconstructing it...
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    How many of you enjoy HSC english?

    Enjoyed it whilst in year 11. However since then and since I changed teachers... its been terrible. I like the Modules cause they mix up the subject and let you explore different concepts. However imaginary journeys seemed like it went on forever. I'm going to base my dislike on the subject...