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  1. Farhanthestudent005

    Past the Shallows Year 12 English Advanced

    Does anyone have any sample essays for past the shallows? Thanks
  2. Farhanthestudent005

    Maths help

  3. Farhanthestudent005

    Math Help

  4. Farhanthestudent005

    Help urgently

  5. Farhanthestudent005

    Math Ext 1 help

    Need help with all of these questions...thanks
  6. Farhanthestudent005

    Maths Ext help

  7. Farhanthestudent005

    Maths Help

    How do I do these ones?
  8. Farhanthestudent005


    Thank you very much for helping me, this helps a lot
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  10. Farhanthestudent005

    Urgent questions help

    Can someone send me solutions for these 3 questions? Will appreciate it.
  11. Farhanthestudent005

    Maths EXT 1 Help

    Need help with these questions...thanks
  12. Farhanthestudent005

    math ext help

    How do I do this? Also I don't understand what the question is trying to ask. Help needed urgently, thanks
  13. Farhanthestudent005

    Math EXT 1 Question help

    Yes, it helps me thank you very much. Although I forgot one thing, why do the bounds change again?
  14. Farhanthestudent005

    Integration question

    Will appreciate a solution to this question...thanks
  15. Farhanthestudent005

    Math EXT 1 Question help

    Will appreciate if someone could help...thanks
  16. Farhanthestudent005

    Maths Advanced ASSESSMENT

    I am not sure how to use it on excel. How to do so?
  17. Farhanthestudent005

    Maths Advanced ASSESSMENT

    This is my maths assignment. I have to do this on Excel. How do I structure it?
  18. Farhanthestudent005

    Questions help needed

    Need help with these two...thanks
  19. Farhanthestudent005

    Ancient History Assignment help with finding sources

    Hi I have an ancient history year 12 assignment due in 2 weeks. We are studying the role of queens and I have to include one written and one archaeological source for my source analysis. Where can I find the sources? Can anyone please help me? Thanks
  20. Farhanthestudent005

    Maths Question Help

    Thank you guys for your help! Means a lot