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    GTA 3 problems HELPPPP!!!!!! :(

    So this is what happens, everytime I try to run GTA 3 on my comp, it just freezes and 3/4's of the screen turns black, what should I do? p.s. My computer meets all the requirements for this game, in fact it's an overkill for the requirements, but I still don't c y it doesn't work. my...
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    Can u register as a job seeker if u're going to uni?

    ^ Yeh I know I'm going crazy tryna look for work, I know I'm asking too many questions about employment but I'm just desperate :(
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    Confused Tutorial fees?

    At the moment I have not been made aware of any tutorial fees and I was just wondering where could we find this information out? and when do we usually have to pay?
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    How hard is it finding a job now?

    ^ I'm absolutely desperate for a job and wondering whether it's the same all around?:uhoh:
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    Funky Buddha promoters?

    Does anyone work as the above, if so how do they pay you?
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    Prepaid bus tickets, where do u buy them?

    ????, I have no Idea since I hardly ever take any buses in sydney b4 and btw I don't want the travel passes since I'm going to uni for 2days a week.
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    O week Busses Charge?

    I saw on O week Wiki, that the buses on O week are not for free, just wanting to confirm this?
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    what does this necessary mean?

    demonstrated ability to work in a busy, commercial, competitive and target-driven retail environment Does this mean that u have to have prior experience or does it mean that you can do the work but u have to demostrate u can do it to them, like a trial period at the work place. plz help?
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    r international students the problem to our DOMESTIC STUDENTS ability to find jobs?

    ^ if so FUCK THEM, them and their cheap wages. ^ opps I meant inability
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    So did any1 get a job yet?

    ^ yeh just wondering, coz it's after the christmas casual periods n I still don't have a job:spzz:. SO?????
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    Who has goals of going to Harvard University?

    Me I do heaps, that's my lifes dream, hope it comes true, wadda about u guys?
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    Social Outcasts?

    What makes one and why are they treated so badly, I c this guy at my school, his just basically used by all people, people look at him wierdly and shit. I just find it really appalling, I guess I'm the only person to talk to him.
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    Weight lifting saftey tips...Plz add

    Safety tip 1: Don't lift weights that are too heavy for u, gradually ease into it.
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    how long b4 u start a corse can u transefer?

    * Yeh
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    How does selling things on Ebay work?

    ^ yeah and also do you have to pay for a merchants account directly or do they take a certain percent of your sales?
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    80 + atar?

    For future HSC students, what did u get for each sub to get 80+