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  1. J

    Free Period?

    13x40 = 520 10x50 = 500
  2. J

    Lol jordan is doing something :)

    Lol jordan is doing something :)
  3. J

    Free Period?

    lols, i have 13x40 free periods a week. I do 11 units, 2 of them TVET Accounting and 1 unit MX1. I like bludge half, do maths in the other half =]
  4. J

    Lee waited for the phone to ring..

    lol, my story started with Lee waiting for his brother's operation results, and ended with a telemarketer =]
  5. J

    General Thoughts

    You did that for the 6markers? Didn't it ask for data/information >< they were crazily ambiguous ><