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  1. Newbie

    Watches for a Uni Student 1st Year

    so like i want to buy a gift for my brother when he graduates high school this year I want to ask your opinions as to what brand / price range is suitable for someone starting uni next year. i dont want to get some cheap sht (hardly a graduation present) nor do i want to buy him something...
  2. Newbie

    UBS investment banking competition

    whos entered? :D
  3. Newbie

    Hong Kong Investment Banking

    Anyone got any thoughts on this i mean anything i wana find out more about it
  4. Newbie

    eague tables

    anyone got a list for hong kong m&a? thanks
  5. Newbie

    bittorrent @ UNSW revisited

    perhaps a bit to clarify im looking into alternative ways to distribute guild policy papers and other materials. Bittorrent was one of these alternatives that was suggested to the person that refered me to UNSW Policy: nowhere in that document suggests that the activity for which i am...
  6. Newbie

    Bittorrent @ UNSW??

    has any tried downloading via bittorrent at uni? it doesnt work for me boo help me out please!!!111elevnty1 :rofl:
  7. Newbie

    Wheres the love?

    man back in the days......this place was full of life and spam from people like me who didnt even do latin where is everyone? did they realise business studies scales higher and dropped latin? :D
  8. Newbie

    Special Elections to Faculty Board

    hi people, later this afternoon the ballots will open for the special election to the faculty board. There will be an email sent out by the administration people in regards to how to vote. There are 4 spots to be filled. each person will be able to vote for up to 4 people out of the 14...
  9. Newbie

    how you say in jap...

    Our Objective is to rule the world thanks
  10. Newbie

    Both counsels can call witnesses right

    i think thats how it is isnt it can anyone confirm?
  11. Newbie

    Buying a Car

    my budget is 20k any recommendations?
  12. Newbie

    Notebook recommendations

    looking for a laptop for uni right now im thinking about the Vaio T anyone else using a cool one and wana recommend it?
  13. Newbie

    Fed Con

    is it a compulsory subject for later years? if so i might as well get my public book new then :(
  14. Newbie

    Lets give a warm welcome to our new friend

    FRIGID hahaha jeez so much for that uts pride bullshit welcome aboard you wangchun watch out ladies bashed@lawcamp
  15. Newbie

    enrolling semester2 for 2nd years

    whats the course code for acct2b? ta muchlove
  16. Newbie


    in the market for a laptop any recommendations? keep in mind im a poor dude
  17. Newbie

    next years timetables

    when does webct open for that?
  18. Newbie

    Contract Question

    What category of contracts would the doctrine of substantial performance not be applicable? thankyou much love
  19. Newbie

    router question

    i've got a 4 port router but im using the usb cable for it right now i wana plug another comp in can i use one usb and 1 cat5 or do i need both cat5?
  20. Newbie

    is there legal backing to this thing?

    would courts recognised a defense where someone blamed their actions because they were possessed by a demon/god/pixie ? would this same possession be accepted as an novus actus interviens? cheers links to reports are cool too if anyone has them handy