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    Strats for short answers?

    If an extract is too long to read, like 3 whole pages, would the strategy be just skim through it and discuss any figurative language I've found in it, or do I actually have to spend minutes reading through it and fully understanding the text? How do people even answer unseen questions like...
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    Late-October federal budget - how is it going to affect 2022 HSC Economics?

    .https://www.bdo.com.au/en-au/federalbudget2022 I don't want to rewrite one of my preplanned economics essays because the government announces a new budget literal days before the Economics HSC. I'm down on the lower bands in economics; it's also my lowest contributor with a significant...
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    Can I use a pencil in HSC? Also can I use a blue pen?

    Pens feel too "slippery" for me to write with, while I feel like a pencil has the perfect (or rather adapted) friction for me to write with. All my trials have comments about near-illegible handwriting, and recently I'm convinced it's because of using pens. I used a pencil for my chemistry trial...