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  1. cro_angel

    Why choose ACU?

    Check out these videos to get a feel for life on a particular ACU campus you are interested in going to =) http://www.acu.edu.au/future_students/why_choose_acu_national/student_experience Our open day is on the 15th of September so come along to check it out. :)
  2. cro_angel


    So.. I'm going to Melbourne with some uni mates for 2 weeks in early Feb. What are some good things to do/see? Any recommended pubs/bars/clubs? Cheers
  3. cro_angel

    ACU Open Day- Tomorrow!

    Come visit the Strathfield and North Sydney Campuses tomorrow between 9am-4pm! Here is the Strathfield day plan: http://www.acu.edu.au/student_life/Open_Day/Strathfield/index.cfm And North Sydney: http://www.acu.edu.au/student_life/Open_Day/North_Sydney/index.cfm
  4. cro_angel

    Harbour Cruiseeeeee

    So, who's going? *Puts hand up* Hurrah!
  5. cro_angel


    Are up!!! Wooohooo Wednesdays and Fridays off.. and only one lecture on Monday! How are your timetables kids?
  6. cro_angel

    The Big Event!!

    In July.. so who's going??? I know I am!! Yay! Did anyone apply and not get in?
  7. cro_angel


    Hi I was wondering if anyone has completed this course as part of their Bachelors Degree.. what does it involve? Do you need experience? I have never sailed a ship before. Cheers
  8. cro_angel


    Hi all How do I re enrol for next year? When do I submit my units of study? I am going overseas December 1st and with ACU I have already re-enrolled online.. I cant find anything there on the MQ site about it? Please dont tell me it needs to be in person.. Cheers
  9. cro_angel

    Christmas cash- Parramatta

    Just had this emailed to me from uni and thought I would pass it along.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are looking for bright, bubbly, confident, outgoing, Direct Sales Reps to join our team. * Base wage + Commission *...
  10. cro_angel

    The exorcism of Emily Rose

    This comes out tomorrow.. what are your initial thoughts? Has anyone seen it? It looks really freaky.. something to give nightmares! Though that won't really stop me seeing it lol.
  11. cro_angel

    End of year exams

    A bit late.. but good luck for your exams people!!! =) For the first year teachers.. how good is it that we NEVER have to do learning again (unless we fail.. but lets not think about that!).
  12. cro_angel

    Casual Employment- November to Feb

    We require casual staff from November 2005 to February 2006 to pick and pack orders in a warehouse environment. Requirements: · Must be physically fit · Must be able to speak, read and write English Clearly · Must have steel capped safety boots Work will be available...
  13. cro_angel

    New Woolworths- West Ryde?

    Hello there.. I'm working at the woolworths in west ryde not this weekend but the next one.. and I have a training day on Thursday to learn how to use the touchscreen registers. Does anyone know where it is? In a shopping centre or something? Anyone got a job there? Cheers!
  14. cro_angel

    Photo storage when travelling..

    I was wondering.. what did/would you guys use to store photos when travelling.. I'm sure I will be taking more than the 300 photos my camera holds.. any tips? My friend said something about how he got a hard drive with a memory card reader.. and directly put it onto that? I tried searching for...
  15. cro_angel

    End of year travel

    I booked my trip today and I am so excited, I just had to post it up somewhere! Going to Los Angeles, New York, London, Croatia, London again then Bangkok.. from Dec 1st to Feb 15th.. woooo! Anyone else going anywhere at the end of the year? Any tips for surviving/fun in the countries.. or...
  16. cro_angel

    World Cup

    Anyone heading over to Germany or Europe during the World Cup next year? Im so jealous.. it seems like all of my Croatian friends are going then! One of my friends is getting married overseas then so they will all be going to her wedding.. Due to my 4 week teaching block next year, I will...
  17. cro_angel

    Where do you Work? (Employment Advice Line)

    edit: by Townie I wont continue to compile this list, however, feel free to post where you work, whether you enjoy it, what it's like etc. Original Post: Hello! I'm composing a list of places where people work. This is so that if someone is curious about what it is like to work at a...
  18. cro_angel

    Employment HQ

    Employment HQ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where/how should I apply for a job? Online job search websites. Job Search with Jobrapido www.alljobs.com.au- Search all the job websites Australian JobSearch - Australia's...
  19. cro_angel

    First Week.. how was it?

    So.. for those who had their first week how was it? I had lots of fun this week.. in my maths and nature/development of language lectures they read us picture books.. then in my nature/development of language tute we got to read more books (one of my assignments is on 10 picture books lol). oh...
  20. cro_angel

    O Week

    so when are u guys going? i think ill go every day.. i need to relearn all my school related things anyone else nervous about the 21st?