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  1. will_

    Introductory Econometrics

    hi, does anyone have notes for this subject. i am struggling in this subject at the moment and need a basis to understand the lectures.
  2. will_

    can you change majors within same faculty before census date

    pretty sure we can. i put in an erequest to change from accounting to economics on tuesday still waiting for it to be approved but im sure it will be as im pretty sure were allowed to.
  3. will_

    Laptop needed for B of Business B of Sci in IT ??

    laptop usually just ends up being a procrastination mechanism at uni
  4. will_

    Back to back lectures?

    yeh its always fine, they usually start late and end early anyway
  5. will_

    Tutorials in first week?

    that is correct, tutorials are classroom revisions of what you learnt in the lecture during the previous week and therefore none of the subjects will have this in the first week except for ibp which has an icebreaking tutorial where no content is learnt (though no content is learnt in that...
  6. will_

    Subjects clash Help!!

    if the problem can be resolved by changing classes then you can wait till closer till uni starts as people change their subject selections and classes become available. if it is definitely an unavoidable problem, which should not happen if you are following the course structure then notify uts...
  7. will_


    if you do not like maths, business is definitely the degree for you as the course only applies 2 unit maths in subjects such as finance and economics and stats where most of the maths is just basic algebra and substitution. though you wish to get into unsw law, the transfer from uts business to...
  8. will_

    O'Fest 2014

    i believe nobody cares about age at lss camp
  9. will_

    B Maths and Finance OR B Business?

    maths and finance course is pretty much a stats and finances course so its perfect for someone whose into statistical stuff. bachelor of business is more generic but does not offer a statistics major so thats where the difference occurs. if you're just into accounting, marketing etc then do...
  10. will_

    Is international studies worth it?

    your description is spot on. if you are interested in learning another language and want to travel there for a year than do international studies. of the 8 subjects in that field, 4 of them would be language classes while the other 4 will be cultural classes.
  11. will_

    Can i do a subject before the corequisite subject?

    corequisite means the subject must be done at the same time or after the subject. the enrolment system should not allow you to enrol in such a subject.
  12. will_

    Business/law: Help enrolling in subjects

    the major you do not start until your second year, you didnt even have to choose it just yet. since you plan on transferring, theres no need to worry about the majors at all at the moment.
  13. will_

    Business/law: Help enrolling in subjects

    the structure at uts for business/law is that you do 4 business subjects semester 1 and 3 law subjects semester 2. unfortunately at uts, the only obvious prerequisites is that you must do the subject integrating business perspectives in the first semester in which you do a business subject, and...
  14. will_

    Help needed !

    enrolment can be done online.
  15. will_

    Subject Enrollment

    for the original question about the person doing business/law, you are best to follow the core structure and do 4 business subjects semester 1 rather than split it 2 law subjects 2 business per semester so you can make friends with other people doing business/law as they will be starting the law...
  16. will_

    2014 Autumn Semester Timetable (UTS)

    how come your thread gets stickied ton?
  17. will_

    Can somebody please help me out with my timetable?

    if your subjects have classes available which allow you to end early then its definitely possible. last year for business i had 3 day timetables, with 2 of those days ending before 3pm.
  18. will_

    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official A-League Thread. sydney is red and black