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    Yr 10 Past Papers needed for Science and English (and Normahurst)

    Hello. I need past papers on Year 10 English specifically on Animal Farm (such as writing an extended long response essay) and Science specifically on Year 10 Physics and Biology and Skills (Physics: universe, including galaxies, stars, solar systems and nebul, technological developments that...
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    Need help for subject selection (year 11)

    Hello all, I'm currently in year 10 and my subject selection is this week and I would like all of your input before I select my subjects. Right now I have two combinations of subjects that I'm torn between: Combo 1: 3u Maths, Advanced English, Physics, Eco, Business, PDHPE Combo 2: 3u Maths...
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    Year 11 Selective

    Hi, I'm looking to get into a school this year for year 11 next year. I'm already trying out for Girra and my second and my third options are most likely to be Ruse and Sydney Boys. Do anyone have any tips for me to get into them (Ruse and Sydney Boys)? My recent report is 5 A's (Maths, English...
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    Best English Tutoring Colleges

    I'm currently looking for an English tuition. I currently go to NGO but it's not good (please don't question why). I want tuition recommendations (NOT PRIVATE) but not Matrix (it's not good <--- I went in the past). I want a place that focuses on analysing texts and essay writing but I want it...
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    Year 11 Selective Entry

    How many people are usually accepted into the following schools into year 11: James Ruse North Sydney Boys Baulkam Hills Sydney Boys Normanhurst Boys Girraween Fort Street Hurlstone Caringbah Penrith Sydney Tech
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    What course in which uni do most Ruse graduates go to?

    I know that some Ruse students do medicine but are they the majority? I notice most Ruse graduates do medicine at UNSW. But why medicine? Why UNSW? Isn't USYD ranked higher in medicine? I'm gathering current and ex Ruse students and what they're interested in/doing right now.
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    Entrance Essay into Fort Street

    Hi, I'm trying out for Fort Street and they asked me to write a discussion essay. I need some help on it (i.e. how to write a discussion essay, ideas on the topic etc.). So the topic question is: Should the human rights records of bidding countries be taken into account when awarding...
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    Best Tutoring Colleges

    I am currently in year 9, and I would like to go to a good tutoring centre not only for this year, but for the future (i.e. HSC). I'm looking for tutoring centres that are great but also have a lot of kids from top selective schools (e.g. James Ruse, Baulko, Penrith, Girra, Sydney Boys etc.)...