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  1. shortie_689

    Help... Trojan.Brisv.A!!!

    Hi, I need help my auto protect is telling me that one of my music files has trojan, I can't delete the file it says I need permission to do so but when I run the symnatec removal tool it tells me that there is no sign of this virus on my computer... VERY CONFUSED... Can any help this poor...
  2. shortie_689

    2007 Timetables

    Hello my LOVELY UTS GEMS, I am hoping that someone out there can help me out!!! WHO KNOWS WHEN WE ARE GOING TO GET OUR 2007 TIMETABLES??? THANKS
  3. shortie_689


    Has anyone watched this show??? I'm watching it right now, it's rather bizarre takes a while for it all to start making sense and click into place... Quite Good
  4. shortie_689


    How is everyones study for exams??? Anyone who is either in 2nd or 3rd year nursing could u please let me know if the Adult Nursing: Respiratory and the Adult Nursing: Cardiovascular exams are difficult??? My exam is tomorrow and Im stressing out...
  5. shortie_689

    Uni Nursing Tutor Needed Desperately

    Hi I am doing nursing at UTS and I AM SO UNBELEIVABLY DESPERATE for a tutor for Fundamentals of Pathophysiology... If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated... THANKS HEAPS
  6. shortie_689


    Well First year assessments... I just handed in my cardiovascular adult nursing assessment and I am sorta feeling just a little bit sick about it right now... :confused: I think I am going to fail it...:worried: Any other first years how did u think u went
  7. shortie_689

    Model Cars

    I am absolutely desperate to find a toy model of a Holden VL commodore 88 model by Friday... DOES ANYONE know where I could possible find one of these... Help Needed URGENTLY thanks
  8. shortie_689

    Love Veiws

    Wow out of all the people on BOS this morning most of u are veiwing the Love and Relationship forum... Is this cause its valentines day or are we all just feeling the love in epic proportions today
  9. shortie_689

    Theft Prevention

    Now this thread was inspired by my early morning phone call from my bf to tell me that that the "love of his life" his car was stolen this morning... Interesting story is they went in one garage to go through to the other garage to find the car where they had to put the bonnet down and open the...
  10. shortie_689

    Navy Blue Pants

    Hi just a question time an time again people come into work asking for Navy pants cause they are nursing students... I personally don't know where to get any from and now I need to get some... Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  11. shortie_689

    Help Me... My Computer Is Going To Die

    I hate computers and really I hate alll technology all it does is cause me problems if it isnt my volume its some good damn virus i got... OK so my auto protect says i got Trogan.Vundo an I've look in the file an everything I have even gone through my norton thing to symantec to get rid of it...
  12. shortie_689

    Personal Statements

    Who here is a Non School Leaver??? Do you have to write a Personal Statement? If so, have you written it what did you write? I've finished mine but I am so worried that I its way off the mark?
  13. shortie_689

    Volume is Driving Me Crazy

    I have a huge problem my sound won't work and before someone says turn it off mute its not on mute ive looked a million times an I keep searching for a reason it wont work but now its just down right pissing me off... PLEASE HELP ME I WANT MY MUSIC TO WORK
  14. shortie_689

    Source Of Entertainment

    This is such a great website provided me with quite a fair bit of entertainment http://www.goodplasticsurgery.com/
  15. shortie_689


    Who here coaches a sport... If you do do you have any horror stories... I have one which is currently killing me I have 2 girls who have decided to blame the shooters in our netball to be the only reason we loose an one girl took it personally and now they are ALL seriously arguing and the...
  16. shortie_689

    Two Degrees

    Is it possible for me to do two university degrees next year being a first year student for both... U see I want to go to UTS for nursin and do clinical practice by distance education at charles sturt university is that possible and would the work load be HUGE...
  17. shortie_689

    Hip Hop, Rap and RnB

    Hey yall... I am really getting sick of my music collection at the moment.... Please suggest me some music of the above 3 catalogues bein like Hip Hop Rap or RnB thanks heaps Shortie
  18. shortie_689

    Fallin For Ya

    Ok So here is the deal... There is this guy and there is this girl and they met at a nightclub... This guy tells this girl that he is falling for her HARD like he thinks he may even love her... Quite strong I know... The problem of the situation... Now they planned to meet twice now... The...
  19. shortie_689

    Foot In Mouth

    Hi... I have this problem... There is this guy that I met an he is like perfect an anyway he kept talking about how much he likes me an had continued to do so an was continuously askin me to go out with him when I was ready and stuff so I ended up breaking up with my previous bf for him... It's...
  20. shortie_689

    GHD Hair Styles

    Hi All... I have had my GHD for like over a year now but all I ever do with it is straighten my hair and don't get my wrong I love having straight hair and regularly I have tried to curl and somehow it just turns into a big fat bluurgh but it got me thinking... Anyone out there who has talent...