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  1. Puzzle

    Advanced science subjects for 2nd year

    Hi, I currently finished my first year of study last year for the bachelor of science (advanced) at Usyd. I didn't do as well as I hoped last year, and mostly got high credits. This year, I need 2 advanced subjects to actually complete my course, and the subjects I want to do need at least a 75...
  2. Puzzle

    Chem and Maths tutoring around Bankstown area?

    Hi, Im a year 11 female student, and I've been struggling with Chemistry and Maths right now. i just dont grasp the topic, and make a lot of silly mistakes. Today I got my 3u maths test back, and shockingly, I only managed 50%. I dont want to give up and drop to 2u, and would really love a...
  3. Puzzle

    Atar estimate please?

    My school is ranked at around 35 Biology 30/80 Chem 27/93 English adv 19/95 Maths 53/134 Maths ext 60/88 :( Modern 11/38 Studies of religion 10/80 Thank You!