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    Got back my trials marks!

    i got in the 60s or 70s for everything 😃 I genuinely think my ATAR is unsalvageable at this point, going to get a prediction probably sometime next week. all my other marks have been somewhat decent. i seriously thought I was going to get a 90+ atar at the beginning of year 11, and now its...
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    Internal Rank Importance

    I heard that you if you can "outperform" your rank by a lot in a HSC exam, so that your internal rank doesn't impact the assessment mark given. Is this true? I've just heard so many conflicting things from teachers and peers. Thanks
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    Currently pulling an all-nighter for english tmr, so I'm screwed
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    Concert in the middle of trials

    I have tickets to tyler the creators concert on the weekend before two exams, should I just skip out on it to study?
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    Bad ATAR Projection

    okay great I'm just going to pray now
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    Bad ATAR Projection

    yea apparently the maths is projected to go to 87 and the va would go down to 83???
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    Bad ATAR Projection

    I just got my atar projection and it's so much lower than I would've thought, would a 65 in ext 1 math count over a 94 in visual arts? How low would the VA mark scale down?
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    Module 6 Task (that isnt titration?)

    How do I prepare for a practical test on module 6? It's only on inquiry questions 1 and 2 since, and hence no titration, but I don't know how to prepare for this. Also what other information would I need to know from prior modules to help with module 6? Chemistry is the bane of my existence.
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    How would you solve this question?

    Thankyou so much!!!
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    How would you solve this question?

    I understand how to solve for empirical formula, but I don't get why the weight of the product is given, or how to bridge finding moles to empirical formula. I have attached the question as a photo. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!
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    1984 and human motivations??

    also if anyone has any recommended texts related to that part of the syllabus, it would be appreciated!
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    1984 and human motivations??

    How does 1984 demonstrate how human behaviour/ motivations challenge assumptions/ ignite new ideas? I don't really understand what assumptions would be challenged or how the human behaviours would 'ignite new ideas'. Does anyone know anything about this?