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    srsly,what is there to do in uts during breaks and you're nigel?

    lol ask randoms in the street to be ur friend :)
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    Electrical Quizzes

    Hey, do any past students on here have a copy of some of the old quizzes for introduction to electrical engineering? In particular Quiz 4 and also final exam papers. If you have any from Autumn 2008 and on that would be great 'cos I think that's when Gerard started teaching the subject, and his...
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    Physics mod wiley

    anyone got their wileyplus login yet. i've emailed dr Schulte but he hasn't yet replied and i had already got an email saying i should have got my login, but i havn't EDIT: btw: i have another lecture tomoz, i am meant to have the assignment done before then right?
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    Physical Modelling (68037) First Year

    sry for late reply, havnt been on for a week. there was a position that opened up so I took it and now that class is full
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    importance of faculty welcome

    engineering was also a waste of time, but I didn't have anything else to do, so..
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    O camp 2010

    everyone did except me... I must be used to them....
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    Physical Modelling (68037) First Year

    yeeww got my timetable settled, now have thursday off for 1st semester. good to know about the lectures :)
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    Physical Modelling (68037) First Year

    I'm wanting to do the same thing, need friday lecture, will give up my Wed Lab for intro to electrical and maths modelling cmp and tut if I can get friday physical lecture
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    Subject clash

    This is for spring semester so isn't major issue atm: ALLOCATION FAILED. 11000585 48520_SPR_U_1_S, Tut1, 02 clashes with 48121_SPR_U_1_B, Lec1, 02 48520 is one of the 'section' ones so basically can't move it and 48121 has two sessions but thurs one is full and wed makes the clash with...
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    Hours of Study Per Day do you do?

    tried a timetable and didn't work. but make sure you write the tasks/subjects u need to do and PRIORITISE. for me, hours varied greatly, but usually involved a min. of 1/2->1 hour of maths each day (did ext1 for hsc)
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    Age Difference

    our 'formula' at high school was yourage/2 +5 thats at abs biggest diff for guy with younger girl
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    2010 UTS Engineering students Roll Call

    oh ok, I got enrolment on next Thursday so I will find out then
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    2010 UTS Engineering students Roll Call

    electrical engineering here :wave: what's with the study plan you guys got, did you get it when you enrolled? I've looked at the timetable on uts website, kinda confusing but I think I'll work it out
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    O camp 2010

    I'm going orientation day and o-camp. I think orientation day is where we get "official welcome" and then can sign up to do different activites/tours
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    Rediness Test

    is readiness test for everyone??
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    Order of PRE-STUDENT events?

    orientation camp for engineering students only i believe
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    Who rides moto's ?

    cool. yeah i crashed my 250 into trees other day (first time on it out in bush) bent bar clamp and think i broke a finger and i might need a new helmet
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    Who rides moto's ?

    what/do you ride?
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    scholarship offers

    I got letter from UTS for electrical engineering anyone else get one?