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  1. J

    Anyone have notes?

    hey peeps, just wondering whether anyone has notes on Amenhotep 3 to death of Ranses 2 for the new syllabus. tysm x
  2. J

    how do do cpa

    hey peeps pls explain to me how to calculate the critical path analysis?
  3. J

    atar estimate asap

    hey guys, pls help my school rank is 197th subject, mark in trials, rank eng adv: 82/100 - 7/50 business 86/100 - 7/54 cafs 92/100 - 2/24 economics 72/100 - 3/17 ancient history 89/100 - 2/17 society and culture 85/100 - 8/19 tysm x
  4. J


    hey peeps, does anyone have any p/h notes for the new 2019 syllabus for p/h? i would really appreciate it as trials are coming up soon x
  5. J


  6. J

    So close...please read

    hey peeps, so i am doing a pip on disability in media, open to anyone please take some time to complete the below questionnaire as it will greatly assist me in my pip xx https://forms.gle/vGf4AYXxDsP6Hmg4A
  7. J

    Disability in media pip survey - please read

    Hey guys, (I NEED OVER 50 RESPONSE i am conducting a PIP on disability portrayals in media and would appreciate your time in taking a questionnaire for me. link: https://forms.gle/AooDmmnrUN3KYpPPA IF YOU DO MINE, REPLY BELOW AND I WILL DO YOURS Thanks guys
  8. J

    Helppp due monday

    Hey peeps what quotes/techniques in hag seed show felix's self-tranfromation? also, what technique is in this: “It’s no longer a magic staff, it’s only a wooden stick” tysm in advance
  9. J

    long time no post :)

    hey peeps just wondering if for a task weighted 35% and i got 65% if that will affect my atar thanks
  10. J

    Assignment assistance

    hey peeps so for my eco assignment i am doing brazil and cannot find anything to do with international division of labour or communication (seperate subheadings in report). please help as this is due NEXT friday
  11. J


    hey peeps so just wondering for my assignment i need to do a bit abt financial flows and investment/TNCs in brazil so idk what to write about thanks? are they the same thing? what do i write? plz help due friday :(
  12. J


    hey peeps so should i analyse two scenes for my related and four to five quotes from the book or? any opinions appreciated :)
  13. J

    Hidden figures helppp

    hey peeps i dont know how its form as a movie impacts the human experience of dehumanisation
  14. J


    hey peeps just wondering if for the english multimodal how we structure each paragraph. is it tesl or do we just dive into it like a speech. the scenaio is that i am speaking at a "conference" on literature and the human experience. idk what to do.
  15. J

    topic sentences

    hey peeps i am doing speech on 1984 and hidden figures and need two topic sentences on: One such prominent human experience is how the dehumanisation of an individual’s human spirit and their ability to express free thought, can be suppressed by a power outside their control, thus prompting...
  16. J

    Will i fail at life?

    Hey peeps, so i havent taken any maths through to hsc and am really worried my life will be crap and that i wont get into many careers becayuse of it. i want to do a commerce or law degree at uow and i know that commerce there does not require maths but what if it does and i am screwed. i also...
  17. J

    Need case studies

    DUE TOMORROW URGENT hey peeps plz i need case studies for overoming resistance to change thanks :)
  18. J

    Urgent please read

    GUYS I NEED HELP WITH FINDING TECHNIQUES IN 1984 FOR THIS: Relentless dictatorial power can suppress a person’s individuality, thus leading to rebellion PLEASE :(
  19. J

    1984 and hidden figures

    hey peeps just wondering what human experience the composers are conveying in each, and whether there are any anomalies, paradoxes or inconsietences? thanx :)
  20. J

    helpplz due tomorrow

    i have an assignment for s&c and need help on finding 3 examples to contents analysis so the question: research how pop culture has promoted one trabsformative social change movement help