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  1. Mememeist3r

    2020 HSC+ ATAR results discussion Thread

    They had to submit misadventure appeals. I think it's either marked based off what is already written or more lenient marking taking in to account the "misadventure".
  2. Mememeist3r

    2020 HSC+ ATAR results discussion Thread

    Yes, its mostly empirically derived algorithms using previous years' scaling data. For example, 2019 the scaling was pretty off, so if u were to get an ATAR of say, 99.5, using a particular set of HSC marks with 2018 scaling, in 2019, the exact same marks would get you a 99.1 or 99.05. You see...
  3. Mememeist3r

    2020 HSC+ ATAR results discussion Thread

    I wonder how this year's scaling will look. Hope its better than 2019 😆 .
  4. Mememeist3r

    HSC Chemistry SOLUTIONS / Thoughts / Predictions

    I think it should. The central hydrogen will see 5 neighboring hydrogens in unique environments. N + 1 rule will produce 6 peaks.
  5. Mememeist3r

    HSC Physics Predictions / Thoughts

    This year's marking for MC is probably going to have multiple answer options as correct for how controversial it is. Reminds me of one of the IPT HSC past papers where the markers basically said for one MCQ "all answers are correct" lol.
  6. Mememeist3r

    Russia and Soviet Union

    Just going to write briefly here: Stalin was given the role of General Secretary, which unassuming and unimportant at a glance, was actually very useful through Stalin's manipulation as he could use it to coordinate meetings between important Bolshevik party members and build up a reliable...
  7. Mememeist3r

    Do you think it's possible to get a 95 ATAR?

    ^ This. By doing General, you're limiting a lot of your options at Uni. Stick to Advanced and work at it in the holidays. Focus on what you "failed" at (i.e. Calculus and Logs) and work at those questions to get a grip on those topics. It's important to focus on weaknesses first and thus...